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You can find articles on costuming and design in many of the library's Electronic Databases. However, some of the best sources on historical costume are still available primarily through print bibliographies in the Humanities, Social Sciences & Government Information Services Reference collection.

Library Resources

Bibliography of Costume
HSSGIS Reference Z5691.H64
A Dictionary Catalog of About Eight Thousand Books and Periodicals (1939)
Clothing & Textile Arts CD-ROM
TT507C61 HSSGIS Reference
Available on 2nd floor at "Moscow" computer workstation; duplicates/adds to the Clothing and Textile Arts Index (1970-1993)
Costume Index (plus supplement)
HSSGIS Reference Z5691.M6
A subject index to plates and to illustrated text (1936)
International Bibliography of Theatre
HSSGIS Reference PN1561I53
Published in yearly volumes; check in Subject Index under "Costuming" for compiled article listings, or under individual plays
Theatrical Costume, Masks, Make-up and Wigs: a Bibliography and Iconography (2000)
HSSGIS Reference PN2067 .J68 2000
Theatre and Allied Arts: A Guide to Books Dealing with the History, Criticism, and Technic of the Drama and Theatre (1952)
HSSGIS Reference Z5781.B31
Note: Costume Section from p. 314-360
Fashion and Costume in American Popular Culture: A Reference Guide (1996)
HSSGIS Reference Z5694.U5045
The Thames and Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers (1998)
HSSGIS Reference GT507.O53
St. James Fashion Encyclopedia: Survey of Style from 1945 to the Present (1997)
HSSGIS Reference TT505.A1S7
Ethnic Dress (1995)
HSSGIS Reference GT511.K46 1995
A History of Fashion: a Visual Survey of Costume from Ancient Times (1993)
HSSGIS Reference GT585.G67 1993
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Costume and Fashion: From 1066 to the Present (1994)
HSSGIS Reference GT720.C37
The Costume Timeline: 5000 Years of Fashion History (1993)
HSSGIS Reference GT513.M85
The Visual History of Costume (1989)
HSSGIS Reference GT733.V57
International Directory of Historical Clothing (1967)
HSSGIS Reference NK4700.H8