Interlibrary Lending Service

For Collections in the Peter J. Shields Library and the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library

Telephone: (530) 752‑2256
FAX: (530) 752‑7815
Address: Interlibrary Lending Service
Peter J. Shields Library
University of California, Davis
100 North West Quad
Davis CA 95616-5292

The Interlibrary Lending Service (ILL) provides access to the holdings of Shields Library and the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library through the loaning of original material and the supplying of copies to libraries according to the provisions of national and international interlibrary loan codes.

Priority for filling requests is given to the libraries of the University of California, Stanford University, and other reciprocal partners, then to libraries of the California State University System, California community colleges, and public libraries in California.


ILS provides loans and copies to California, US, Canadian, and Mexican libraries. ILS provides loans to other international libraries depending on an assessment of shipping cost, and risk. ILS provides copies to most libraries.
Service is not provided to individuals. Individuals should inquire about interlibrary loan services at the libraries of institutions with which they are affiliated or at their local public libraries.

Submitting Requests

Requests may be submitted electronically via OCLC.

For E-mail Requests supply the:

  • Name of the authorizing staff person
  • Maximum allowable cost
  • Complete and clear delivery address
  • Bibliographic citation, with each element individually labeled
  • Indication of compliance with US Copyright or with the CONTU guidelines (CCL or CCG)

Telephone requests are not accepted. When making telephone inquiries, please understand that University of California requests have priority over all others; turn-around for other requests is generally at least 2-3 working days.

Requests are also accepted via US mail, FAX, Ariel, or E-mail. For FAXed, scanned or mailed requests use of the standard ALA form ( or IFLA form ( is strongly preferred.

Rush Requests

Rush service is available for a fee of $15 dollars. Rushes will be processed by the end of the working-day day immediately after the day on which the request is downloaded or received. The ILS unit works from Monday-Friday.

Once a rush request has been placed using OCLC WRS or Email, a telephone notification can expedite our processing.

Material Available for Loan

Loan period is 90 days with No Renewal. Recalled items must be returned immediately Reference or Reserve material, rare books, or materials in Special Collections are not loaned.
Neither bound nor unbound periodicals are loaned. Copies are provided as allowed under US Copyright Law.
Dissertations and theses
Masters theses and dissertations are non-circulating. Copies of many dissertations are available directly from Proquest Dissertations and Theses (UMI) since 1998 and a small number of older dissertations are also available from Proquest. Photocopies of theses and dissertations that are not available from Proquest are supplied by special arrangement only. Please contact Interlibrary Loan directly before placing a request if you wish to obtain a scan of a thesis or dissertation that is not available from Proquest.
Microforms and Newspaper microfilm
Loaned for Library Use Only. Non-returnable copies of microfiche are sent whenever possible. Other media may be lent by exception and with restrictions.
Government Documents
Generally available for loan under the same conditions as specified above according to format.
Sheet Maps
Sheet maps are loaned to U.S. and Canadian academic libraries only, and all requests are reviewed by the Map Librarian. Fragile and rare maps are not loaned. Shipment is by UPS, and return shipment must be by a tracked carrier. Loan period is 21 days with no renewals.


Returnables, (except sheet maps), are by book rate within the continental United States and by A/O book rate to Canada and Mexico.

Photocopies are sent by Ariel, email, or first class mail (at our discretion).

Special mailing and FAX may be requested, additional fees apply.

FedEx is available, but must be billed to your FedEx account and incurs a special handling fee.


Use of the OCLC IFM program is preferred.

Invoices are sent monthly; prepayment is not required.

Credit Card payments are not accepted.

California public libraries participating in the Library of California reimbursement program are not charged.

IFLA coupons are accepted for international transactions.

We may add on a special handling fee to process requests with unusual shipping expenses or very difficult processing demands.

Interlibrary Lending Fees & Special Services

  Loans Copies Special Handling Rush
University of California Libraries No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
California Public Libraries No Charge No Charge No Charge Not Available
California State Library No Charge No Charge No Charge Not Available
California Research Bureau Per Agreement Per Agreement Per Agreement Per Agreement
Stanford University No Charge No Charge No Charge No Charge
California State University Campuses $11.00 $11 for each 30 page increment $15.00 $15.00
California Community Colleges $11.00 $11 for each 30 page increment $15.00 $15.00
Other non-profit libraries in California
(medical, hospital, academic, government, non-profit)
$11.00 $11 for each 30 page increment $15.00 $15.00
Out-of-state academic, public and government libraries $20.00 $20 for each 30 page increment $15.00 $15.00
Corporations, For-profit, Law Firms, and Information Vendors $30.00 $30 for each 30 page increment $15.00 $15.00

Other Information

The Health Sciences Libraries provide interlibrary loan service for their collections.

The UC Davis Law Library (phone: (530) 752‑0643) provides interlibrary loan service for its collection.