My ILL Requests - FAQ

How to Login to your ILL Request Account:

Go to My ILL Requests (

User ID:
If you are an AGGIE-CARD holder, your library account number is the 14 digit barcode or the 9 digit ID number on your AGGIE-CARD. Most older AGGIE-CARDs use the 14 digit barcode starting with 211750. Newer accounts will use your Employee ID number or your Student ID number.
Your PIN is the number you selected when registering for library privileges. Forgot your PIN? Request a new PIN/Password now. If you need assistance with your PIN contact or call (530) 752‑1203.
Authentication Service:
Choose UCD only.
Sample Sign-in dialog box

Login Failure messages

Authentication declined: Borrower is blocked from making Requests
means that your UCD library account is blocked. View "Your Account" in Library Search to see if any items are overdue or declared lost ( Returning or renewing such items may unblock your account. Check with a library Circulation desk to determine how to clear your account.
Authentication declined: Your Borrower ID and/or Library Catalog pin# is invalid.
Review and follow the "How to Login to your ILL Request Account" at the top of this page.

Using My ILL Requests

Once you have successfully logged-in to your account, you can choose to sort your requests by Author, ILL No., Title, or Need by date, and you can display up to 20 requests per page (we suggest sorting by ILL No. / descending, which will generally display the most recently submitted requests at the top of the list). After your choices are set, hit Submit.

Sample screen showing how to sort your requests

Only "active" ILL requests display. This includes:

  • Items that are being processed
  • Items pending at potential suppliers
  • Items shipped but not yet received
  • Items received
  • Items returned but not yet checked in at the supplying library location.

Requests submitted through the UCD Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Service - Alternative Request Forms require special handling by staff and may not display in your ILL account for several days. Requests handled by the Carlson Health Sciences Library, the Blaisdell Medical Center Library, the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library, and the UCD Document Delivery Service may not appear in this list at all. If you have placed a request and it does not appear in the My ILL Requests database, please do not re-submit the request, check with your interlibrary loan department to see what happened to your original submission.

If you have no active ILL requests, the following will display:

Sample screen showing 'You have no ILL requests'

A typical request in your list will look like this:

Sample screen showing details of a request

The "Status" of your requests will be displayed in the record. Following is a list of possible statuses and what they mean:

In process
your request is in the process of being fulfilled (potential suppliers are being sought and queried)
your request, whether a copy or a loan, has been received by the UCD ILL Department. Copies (non-returnables), whether delivered electronically or as a paper copy, will display in your list for 30 days from the received date.
your loan request has been reported returned by the UCD ILL Department. Record will disappear from your list when the lending library has formally "checked in" the item.
Renewal pending
the UCD ILL Department has formally submitted a renewal request to the lending institution.
the lending library has recalled the item in your loan request.

Due Dates

The due dates that appear in this database are the dates extended from the Lending Library to UCD as a borrowing library. Once you check out ILL material from the Shields Library Circulation desk you will receive a due date in your Library Account ( The Harvest due date supersedes the due dates you may see in the My ILL Requests database. Due dates that you receive in Overdue notices and Recall notices are always binding no matter what due date shows in the My ILL Request database.


UCD ILL users should renew loans in their Library Account (

Canceling a request

You may submit a request to cancel an ILL request directly from your ILL account, if the "cancel" option is available. (An item may not allow a cancellation due to its current status with the lending library.) To cancel a request, click on its Title or View link.

Sample screen showing the title and 'view' links

In the resulting "Request Details" screen, click on the Cancel link.

Sample screen showing request details and the 'Cancel' link

Clicking the Send email button at the bottom of the resulting form, sends your cancel request to the UCD Interlibrary Loan Office.

Sample screen showing the 'Send email' button

Click the OK button to close this window and return to the "Request Details" screen.

Sample screen showing the 'ok' button

If you have any trouble with My ILL Requests, contact the Interlibrary Loan Department. Ask for Interlibrary Loan at the Shields Library Circulation desk or call (530) 752‑2251.