Campus Document Delivery Service (CDDS)

CDDS is available when the following requirements are met:

  • Material is not available online
  • Material is not held in Special Collections
  • Material requested is 50 pages or less in length
Patron Status Free or Fee Additional Requirements
Faculty, Researchers and Individuals in Health Sciences Departments[1] Free  
Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students [1][2] Free
  • Material requested is housed at BML.
  • Material requested has a check-out period of 1-day or less
Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate Students Fees apply, if any of the above criteria is not met. Register for DDS before placing requests.
  1. UC Davis faculty, staff and students stationed at work sites outside of the Davis-Sacramento area: Please refer to Library Services for UC Davis Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students Working at Remote Sites for information regarding additional free services.
  2. UCDHS staff and students are eligible for free delivery from main campus libraries.

Ordering Options

To place a request, please refer to Ordering Options for UC Davis Students, Staff and Faculty.


Materials available in Print or Electronically
up to 30 pages $5.00
each additional 30 page increment $5.00
Paper Reproductions of Materials Available in Microform
up to 10 pages $5.00
each additional 10 page increment $5.00
Microfiche Copies of Materials Available in Microform
(Delivered By Mail or Picked Up at Home Library)
up to 3 microfiche $5.00
each additional 3 microfiche increment $5.00

Payment Options

Departmental Recharge
Departmental accounts may be recharged for the CDDS service. Recharge account information must be provided upon registration. You are responsible for notifying the library of any changes in recharge account information.
An invoice will be sent for requests filled within each calendar month. Bills must be paid by cash or check at the Cashier's Office in Dutton Hall. Bills must be paid promptly. The rules that apply to library circulation bills also apply to CDDS bills (see: Abuse of Library Privileges).