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The UC Davis University Library provides support for questions related to getting started using EndNote software with library research resources. We make every effort to respond to these requests quickly, and you will generally receive a response within 24 hours, not counting weekends and holidays. Priority will be given to questions from current UC students, faculty, and staff members. For additional assistance, please contact an EndNote specialist at Thompson ResearchSoft through their EndNote Email Technical Support Request website.

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UC Davis University Library Policy on Electronic Reference Service

Through e-mail reference, UC Davis University Library provides prompt assistance with a variety of types of inquiries, such as library holdings information, search strategy in the use of the Melvyl Catalog or CDL-hosted databases, factual questions, statistical data, or questions about UCD University Library's unique resources, services and facilities. E-mail reference may not be appropriate for questions which are more complex in nature or require more research time. The library does not provide financial, legal, medical, or veterinary advice. Requests to check citations or holdings will be limited to no more than five. Interlibrary loan requests should be forwarded to the appropriate ILL unit.

For questions requiring more research time to resolve, individuals are advised to come to the library for onsite consultation. UC faculty, students or staff, or outside scholars or researchers needing information on UCD unique collections may be referred to a Librarian Subject Specialist for further consultation by phone or e-mail.

The UCD electronic reference service is intended to support the learning, research and continuing education needs of UC Davis faculty, students and staff. Queries from individuals not affiliated with UC must be limited to the unique collections and resources of the UCD University Library. Some electronic information sources are limited to use by faculty, staff and students of the University of California, Davis.

We make every effort to respond to these requests quickly, and you will generally receive a response within 24 hours, not counting weekends and holidays.

If you have any comments on this service, please contact us at researchservices@ucdavis.edu