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About Term Lists

What are EndNote Term Lists?

As you build your EndNote library, the program keeps track of every author name, journal title and keyword or descriptor. These terms are stored in the appropriate term list. When a reference is entered manually, EndNote will automatically input authors' names, journal titles, and keywords if already occur in the term lists. This feature saves you time on typing.

To view your EndNote Library Term Lists, go to the Tools menu and scroll to Open Term Lists.

EndNote Journals Term Lists

As of version 10.0.2, EndNote provides the following journal term lists:

  • Chemical
  • Humanities
  • Medical (approved PubMed journal abbreviations)
  • Anthropology
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • BioSciences (approved Biosis journal abbreviations)
  • Economics
  • Korean Medical Terms
  • Law
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Zoological Record (approved Zoological Record journal abbreviations)

Versions of EndNote prior to 10.0.2 contained only the Chemical, Humanities and Medical term lists.

These term lists connect journal titles with approved abbreviations for these subject areas. To access these abbreviations, one must upload the journal title term lists into the term list section that EndNote creates automatically.

  1. Go to Tools, scroll down to Open Term Lists, and scroll over to Journals Term List.
  2. Click the Lists tab.
  3. Highlight Journals and click on Import List ... button.
    Screenshot: Term Lists dialogue box
  4. On your hard drive, navigate to your EndNote program folder and open the Term Lists folder.
  5. Select the subject journals term list you want (Chemical, Humanities, Medical) and click Open.

Biosis Term List

Beginning with version 10.0.2, a BioSciences term list is included with EndNote. This term list provides a compilation of all journals currently and previously indexed in Biosis. Two sets of journal abbreviations approved by Biosis are provided in the list. Many journal output styles require that Biosis abbreviations be used for journal titles. You can set your output style to use the full, spelled-out journal titles or either set of approved abbreviations. (Note: one uses periods after abbreviated words and the other does not.). The term list is flawed and should not be used. Instead, download a corrected BioSciences term list. Once downloaded, add this term list to the Journals Term List following the directions in the preceding section.