Endnote @ UC Davis

Transfer Citations into EndNote

There are four ways to transfer citations into EndNote, one manual and three automated.

Manual — Copy and past citation information into your library.

  • Simplest but most time-consuming
  • Only alternative if not using a database with an automatic transfer capability (listed in separate documents)
  • Must select reference type
  • Must list authors, editors in the format shown
    Screenshot: manually listing authors

Connection File (Automated)

  • Allows database searches from within EndNote
  • Works only for PubMed, Web of Science and Melvyl
  • Tools > Online Search
    Screenshot: selecting Online Search from Tools menu
  • Select database and run searches
    Screenshot: selecting database connection file

Direct Export (Automated)

  • Run search in database
  • Mark records
  • Find link to Save/Download/Export
    Screenshot: export records in ArticleFirst
    Example: ArticleFirst
    Screenshot: export records in ISI Web of Knowledge
    Example: Web of Science
  • Follow automatic prompts to transfer to EndNote

Filter Import (Automated)

  • Mark records from search
  • Save to desktop as a text file .txt
    Screenshot: saving records in PsychInfo
    Example: PsycInfo
  • In EndNote, File > Import
  • Select downloaded file and matching filter identified with database name and vendor
  • Click Import to transfer records
    Screenshot: importing records with a filter