Library How To Videos

The videos below give a brief explanation of how to use basic library tools and resources.

Videos are approximately 2 minutes, and designed to help undergraduates and others get started on basic research.

Videos include sound; use headphones if sound is not enabled on your computer.

Title Length Description
Finding Articles: How to Choose An Article Database 2:11 How to find article databases by using the library Subject Guides and Databases A-Z web pages.
Get the Article: Use UC-eLinks 1:15 Learn how to access articles using UC-eLinks.
Finding Articles: Using Web of Science 1:58 Briefly covers: using Web of Science to search for and select articles; using UC-eLinks to obtain articles; and emailing, saving, or printing PDF's.
Finding Review Articles: Using Web of Science 2:34 How to use Web of science to find review articles. Review articles summarize what is known about a topic and can be very helpful with undergraduate research papers.
How To Cite Your Sources 1:42 Find out how to format citations from print and online citation guides; use of in-text citations and reference list citations; the importance of citing any work you did not create.
Avoiding Plagiarism 1:51 Defines plagiarism; its consequences including disciplinary actions; tips for avoiding plagiarism; resources for additional information.
Copyright and Fair Use in University Instruction 11:58 An overview on the application of fair use in university instruction by Prof. Jim Carey.
Shields Library Reserves Unit (mov) 1:37 This video reviews how to borrow a book, video, or DVD at the Reserves desk in the Shields Library.
Library QuickGuide: Textbooks 1:06 How to search and check out textbooks from the Reserves Desk at the Shields Library.


Title Length
1. Introduction to EndNote X6 1:48
2. Installing EndNote X6 5:01
3. EndNote Library Overview 7:37
4. Import References to EndNote X6 6:48
5. Export References from EndNote X6 to a Paper 6:50
6. Create a Stand-alone Bibliography with EndNote 1:42

How to Write Like a Professor

Produced by Professor James Carey (Entomology) and Sarah Perrault (University Writing Program), this playlist serves as a video roadmap for students who wish to write a research term paper. The general approach of the videos is based on writing strategies used by many faculty and research scholars.

The video set is not about grammar, outlining, structuring, editing and proofing, per se, but about best practices in word processing, researching, ethical writing, types of literature and organization, and stages of term paper (manuscript) preparation.

Producers: Dr. James Carey, Dr. Sarah Perrault and Shruti Dave, graduate student.

Title Length
1. Introduction (2:13)
2. Best practicies for word processing (3:53)
3. Ethical writing/plagiarism (1:51)
4. Citations (2:15)
5. Picking a topic (2:34)
6. Types of sources (3:57)
7. Researching (5:06)
8. Plan of attack (3:57)
9. Stage I: Launching (1:44)
10. Stage II: Thoughts on paper (3:29)
11. Stage III: Growth and development (3:12)
12. Stage IV: Complete working draft (2:40)
13. Stage V: Completion (3:02)
14. Finished term paper (pdf)
TOTAL PLAY TIME: 39 mins 53 secs