How to use the Library Staff VPN

Staff may access internal library web pages and applications from remote locations by authenticating on the library’s Staff VPN.
This system uses your library Windows username and password, which are sometimes different than the username and password you use to access library systems such as RT. After logging on, the staff homepage will appear with links to BigSys and the staff internal web pages. Use the links or icons at the top of the page to navigate to the desired location.

You may also navigate shared directories, such as the S: and H: drives through a series of links and download or upload files using the buttons on the top of the page. Please note, if you download files to your home computer for editing, you will need to upload them when finished in order to have the edited versions back in the shared directory. Important: if you delete a file or folder via the VPN, you are deleting it permanently from the server. If your account does not have access to a particular folder or file you will receive this message: “The username and password set by your administrator prevents you from accessing this resource.” If you are unable to access folders or documents which you normally can from your library workstation, please submit a HelpDesk ticket.

Do not key a URL in the browser's navigation toolbar after logging into the Staff VPN. Doing so will direct your browser away from the VPN directly to the typed URL. Instead enter or paste URLs into the dialog box adjacent to the browse button visible in the upper right hand corner of the staff VPN's initial menu page which is also reachable with the Home icon of the staff VPN floating toolbar. When entered there, the URL will be rewritten to be viewed through the staff VPN.
To access external sites and licensed resources, please use the Library VPN. As with the Staff VPN, when using the Library VPN, do not enter URLs directly into the browser’s navigation toolbar.

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