Location of Selected USGS Publications

UC Davis owns several publication series published by the US Geological Survey. These titles are available from the PSE and Shields libraries in either paper or microfiche formats. Individual publications from these series are sometimes cataloged and searchable from the MELVYL catalog system under the series or volume number. NOT all of the reports from these series, however, are cataloged and accessible through MELVYL.

If you have questions about how to find these titles, or locating a specific item, please ask for assistance.


USGS Bulletin

Vol./Issue/Year Location Call Number Notes
No.1200-, 1966- PSE 2nd Floor QE75 B9 Incomplete Set
No. 222, 896: 1-2; 1056; 1200: 1-3; 1350; 1520; 1535; 1564-1565 PSE Reference QE75 B9 Ref Incomplete Set
No.1-1199, 1883-1964 Shields 3rd Floor QE75 B9 Incomplete Set

USGS Circular

Vol./Issue/Year Location Call Number Notes
No.460-, 1960- PSE 2nd floor QE75 C5 Incomplete Set
No.6-459, 1941-1964 Shields 3rd floor QE75 C5 Incomplete Set

USGS Open File Report

Vol./Issue/Year Location Call Number Notes
  PSE 2nd floor
PSE Ref, fiche cabinets
PSE Media
QE75 O68 Incomplete set. Reports in paper, microfiche, CD-ROM, and DVD-ROM formats. Can also check USGS website for more recent reports.

USGS Professional Paper

Vol./Issue/Year Location Call Number Notes
No.1-, 1949- PSE 2nd floor QE75 P7 Volumes 713, 1286 missing

USGS Water-Resources Investigation Report

Vol./Issue/Year Location Call Number Notes
4-73 - 89-8049, 1973-1989 Shields Library GB701 W375 Incomplete Set
No.90-4000 -, 1990- PSE 2nd floor GB701 W375 Incomplete Set
No.77-9 -, 1977- PSE Reference, Microfiche cabinets GB701 W375 mf11 Microfiche, scattered holdings

USGS Water-Supply Paper

Vol./Issue/Year Location Call Number Notes
No. 887-, 1941- PSE 3rd floor TC823 A3  
No. 1-2050, 1896-1978 PSE Reference, Microfiche cabinets TC823 A3 mf11  
No. 1-886, 1896-1940 Shields 3rd floor TC823 A3  

USGS Map Series

PSE has a small collection of USGS map series stored in filing cabinets along the 2nd floor's north wall. For topographic maps, check the Map Collection in Shields Library.

A Antarctic Geologic Maps A1-A12, A14
C Coal Investigation Maps C20-C146 (incomplete)
CP Circum Pacific Maps CP35, CP37-CP41, CP44-CP46
GP Geophysical Investigation Maps GP15-GP1013 (incomplete)
GQ Geologic Quadrangle Maps GQ50-GQ1804 (incomplete)
HA Hydrologic Investigations Atlas HA31-HA741 (incomplete)
I Misc. Geologic Investigations I2-I2641 (incomplete)
MF Mineral Investigations Field Studies (includes the Misc. Field Studies series) MF4-MF2355 (incomplete)
MR Mineral Investigations Resource Appraisals MR1-MR96 (incomplete)
OC Oil and Gas Investigation Charts OC52, OC141-OC143, OC146B-OC148
OM Oil and Gas Investigation Maps OM160, OM226 Water Resources Investigations in (state) Topographical Map Indexes.

Selected Online USGS Publications

Some recent USGS publications are available through USGS' website, however not everything is available online, so check with library staff if you can't find something.