General Information

The following services are provided at the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library Circulation Desk:

  • Registration for library privileges.
  • Charge or renewal of library materials.
  • Placement of holds.
  • Placement of searches for missing materials.

Borrowing Privileges

UC faculty, students, and staff with a valid UCD library card are eligible to borrow from the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library. Students must validate their registration card at the PSE Circulation Desk for library borrowing; faculty and staff need to apply at the Desk to obtain a library card or validate their employee ID card.

The library has open stacks and operates on a self-service basis. UCD borrowers have a check out limit of 300 items total, including items borrowed by proxies. Borrowing privileges are non-transferable. All borrowers must present a valid library card each time they wish to check out material; the card must be used by the person named on it. Library materials are subject to immediate recall when needed by another borrower and must be returned directly to the circulation desk from which they were borrowed.

Borrowers are responsible for notifying the PSE Circulation Desk of any change of address. Non-receipt of notices due to incorrect address may result in replacement bills and loss of library privileges. Borrowers away from their mailing address for more than one week must, before leaving, return all books charged out to them, or make arrangements to ensure prompt return of books if recalled. Library materials may not be taken out of the state of California.

Abuse of Library Rules

Failure to return recalled material by the recall due date will result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

Non-payment of Library bills may result in the following:

  • Students: individuals will be dropped from classes and holds placed on academic records.
  • Non-Students (including faculty and staff): library privileges will be suspended if library replacement bills are not paid within 90 days. In addition, the Campus Cashier's Office refers unpaid bills to a collection agency.
  • CSUS Students will lose borrowing privileges at the CSUS library.
Library Cards

Library cards are free to UC students, faculty, and staff. Fees for other borrowers are as follows:

  • Library Associate Membership: $55/year.
  • UC Alumni Association: courtesy card for dues paying members.
  • CSUS students: free. CSUS graduates in the thesis program: $12.50/quarter.
  • Other students enrolled in California public institutions of higher education: $12.50/quarter.
  • Other borrowers: $100/year.

Loan Periods

Loan periods vary depending on material and status of borrower.

Material designated LIBRARY USE ONLY must be used in the library. Reference material and periodicals shelved in the PSE current periodical collections must be used in the library. Circulation of bound periodicals that are not designated Library Use Only is restricted to UC students, faculty, and staff.



Borrowers may renew material by using one of the methods listed below. In all cases, borrowers must have available their library card barcode and the barcodes from the material to be renewed. Materials requested by another borrower cannot be renewed.

  • Online
  • Telephone Renewal: (530) 752-5507 (PSE material only)
  • E-mail Renewal: (PSE material only)
  • In Person Renewal at the Circulation Desk
  • Faculty, Extended and Research Borrower Renewals: Material cannot be renewed and must be brought into the library for inspection and renewal.


UC students, staff and faculty can request that a hold be placed on any material. Holds must be placed at the circulation desk. A hold does not change the due date, but it does prevent the item from being renewed. Non UC-affiliated borrowers may recall up to 5 books by purchasing a hold/recall card, at a cost of $10.00. Borrowers are notified when the requested material is returned. Requested items are held for the borrower for six days.



UC students, faculty and staff may place a recall on any material that is checked out to another borrower. Recalls can be placed online using the Request feature in the Harvest online Catalog or in person at the circulation desk. Non UC-affiliated borrowers may recall up to 5 books by purchasing a hold/recall card, at a cost of $10.00.

THE RECALL POLICY APPLIES TO ALL BORROWERS. All charged out materials are subject to immediate recall if needed by another borrower. Material must be returned by the date given on the recall notice regardless of the original due date. Failure to return recalled materials will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges until the material is returned. Borrowers will also be billed for replacement costs, processing fees, and recall fines as follows:

First Day Overdue: $15.00 non-refundable processing fee plus minimum book-replacement cost.
Each Day Thereafter: $2.00 Fine per day, to a maximum of $50.00.

Material in Storage

NRLF (Northern Regional Library Facility)

Books: Books stored at the NRLF (Northern Regional Library Facility) can be requested by any borrower and will be available at the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library within 48 hours of request (excluding holidays and weekends). UC faculty, staff and students can place requests for NRLF books using the Request service in the Melvyl Catalog. Unaffiliated borrowers must complete and turn in a request card at the PSE circulation or reference desk.

Articles: This service is limited to UC affiliated borrowers only. Articles of 50 pages or less can be obtained from the NRLF within 24 hours of request (excluding weekends and holidays). NRLF article request forms must have a complete citation in order to be filled; in the case of incomplete citations, the entire volume will be retrieved.

ANNEX (Campus Storage Facility)

Materials stored at the Annex can be requested by any borrower. Request cards must be completed and turned in at the PSE circulation or reference desk. Materials in the Annex are retrieved within twenty-four hours of request.


Missing Material

Missing items can be searched on request by completing a search card at the PSE Circulation Desk. Borrowers will be notified when the item is available or if their request has been forwarded to the Interlibrary Loan service.



Materials borrowed from the Physical Sciences & Engineering Library may be returned to any other UCD library, or to bookdrops located around campus. Recalled material must be returned directly to the owning library to avoid fines or replacement fees.

Materials may also be returned by mail. Material returned by mail should be insured or returned by a mailing service that provides tracking. The Physical Sciences & Engineering Library does not assume responsibility for materials returned by mail or returned to another University of California location.


Replacement and Damage Charges

Courtesy overdue notices are sent by email the day after an item was due and again one week later. It is the library cardholder's responsibility to keep the library informed of their current mailing and e-mail addresses. The libraries assume no responsibility for misdirected notices. Not receiving an overdue notice does not negate the borrower's responsibility to return items to the library on time. Borrowers who fail to respond by returning or renewing their material will be billed for the replacement cost of the book. Failure to return or pay for billed items will result in suspension of library privileges. Charges are as follows:

Books Current price or $100.00 when price is unknown
Periodicals and Serials, Bound $200.00
Periodicals and Serials, Unbound $80.00
Other Material $25 minimum. Varies according to type.
  1. Charges are also assessed for damaged material according to the extent of the damage.
  2. A $15.00 per item non-refundable processing fee is added to the charges listed above.

All charges must be paid in full at the UC Davis Cashier's Office. Billing disputes must be referred to the Shields Library Billing Supervisor. (