Frequently Asked Questions on Requesting Media for Reserves

How do I place a DVD/VHS on Reserves for my class to view?
Submit a booklist for your course. Go to the Reserve homepage ( and click on Submission Form. Using your Kerberos username and password and fill out the form. Choose the format of the media, add the title and/or director. A copy of your list will be emailed to you.
How long will it take to process my request?
Booklist requests are done in the order they are received. If you submit a request after the quarter has started your request could take up to 4-5 working days.
If the DVD/VHS is already in Reserves why do I have to place it on reserve for my class?
To ensure that the DVD/VHS is available the day and time you want to show it in your class it is highly recommended that you use the Media Booking feature in Harvest.
How much advance notice do I need to provide if I want to show a DVD/VHS that I have requested for my class?
Preferably you will follow our guidelines for requesting Reserves materials ( If you have not met our guidelines, please request an item at least two weeks before the day you wish to show the film. A title that has not been placed on Reserve may be circulating and will need to be recalled. With little lead time, the Library cannot guarantee a film will be available.
If I bring my own personal items(s) of an original DVD/VHS to be placed on Reserve, how long will it take before the item(s) are available?
Personal copies are processed in the order they are received. Items that are brought in the first weeks of a quarter may take up to 4-5 working days to process.
Can I add a personally-owned media title to my Reserves list?
All non-Library material dropped off in Reserves must be privately purchased, original recordings. Duplications will not be accepted for Reserve. Personally-owned means any media item owned by the faculty member.
How do I request a media title that the Library does not own?
If the Library does not own the film you wish to show, we will consider it for purchase. Fill out the Reserves booklist form with as much information as possible concerning the film. Please allow time (at least four weeks on average) for the subject selector to consider the merit of the title for purchase, processing and addition to our collection.
How long will Reserves hold an item that I have requested to pick up?
The item will be held until the end of the day that the item was to be picked up. The item will be returned to the shelf. If you require an item to be held longer, please contact Reserves (530) 752‑2761 to make other arrangements.
What happens if another professor wants to show the same DVD/VHS title on the day I want to use it for my class?
Reserves will try and make accommodations for everyone who wants to use a specific DVD/VHS. If there are multiple requests being made for the same day and time, the first request submitted for the item will have priority.
If I don't fill out a booklist for the DVD/VHS title that I want to use for my class can I still have it?
Yes – as long as it is not already checked out or it is not being used for another course. All of our DVD/VHS's are available for a 3-day checkout. To ensure that the DVD/VHS title(s) is available the day and time you want to show it in your class, it is highly recommended that you reserve the title by using the Media Booking feature ( in Harvest or submit a booklist request by using the online submission form (
I am providing a personally-owned copy(s) of a DVD/VHS for my class. How do I get them back?
You must pick them up yourself from Reserves at the end of the quarter.
Is there a place in the Library for students to watch films?
The Room 163 houses the Center for Accessible Technology Lab which has a number of DVD/VHS playback machines. These machines are available the hours of the computer room (