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TitleAssigned Subject
Adams, Leon David (1905-1995). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Agricultural Appropriations Collection.Agriculture
Agricultural Technology Collection: Brochures.Agricultural Technology
Agricultural Technology Collection: Manuals.Agricultural Technology
AgRISTARS/LACIE. Collection.Agriculture
Akins, Samuel B. (1908-1990). Papers.Agriculture
Albee Directs Albee CollectionPerforming Arts
Allderdice, Norman. Collection.Political Science
Allewelt, William F. PapersAgriculture
Alley, Curtis. Plant Physiology Lab BookViticulture and Enology
Allred, Berten W. (1904- ). Papers.Animal Science
American Association of Land Grant Colleges. Collection.Agriculture
American Beekeeping Federation Archives.Apiculture
American Bicyclist Records 
Amerine, Maynard A. (1911-1998). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Amerson, Price. Art Exhibition Catalog Collection.Art and Architecture
Amerson, Price. Papers.Art and Architecture
Andersdatter, Karla Margaret. Papers.Language and Literature
Anderson Valley Advertiser Archives.California History
Andrews, Lawrence J. Papers 
Andrews, Michael. PapersArt and Architecture
Angel Island Oral History CollectionEthnic Studies
Angelo, Homer G. (1916-1998). Papers.Political Science
Annereaux, Ralph (1904-1986). Papers.Entomology
Apiculture Subject File Collection.Apiculture
Apiculturists Collection.Apiculture
Armenian Women's Archives CollectionEthnic Studies
Armistead, Samuel G. PapersLanguage and Literature
Arnold, Hubert A. ( -1994). Papers.Performing Arts
Askine, Sibyl E. Collection.Ethnic Studies
Asmundson, Vigfus. PapersAnimal Science
Audiovisual Collection 
Avant Garde Poetry Collection: Ephemera.Language and Literature
Avant Garde Poetry Collection: Posters.Language and Literature
Axe, Ruth. Papers.Performing Arts
Ayers, C. Papers.Language and Literature
Baccigaluppi, Harry (1901-1987). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Bailey, Stanley F. (1906-1981). Papers.Entomology
Bainbridge, David A. Papers.Natural Resources
Bainer, Roy (1902-1990). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Baird, Joseph A., Jr. (1922-1993). Collection.Art and Architecture
Bakken, Anthony W. (1908-1978). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Ballantine, Edward J. (1888-1968). Collection.Performing Arts
Bancroft, Philip. Collection.California History
Bankowski, Raymond A. PapersAnimal Science
Barich, Bill. PapersLanguage and Literature
Bartley, Basil G. D. Papers on Cacao.Food Processing and Manufacture
Bay Area Playwrights Festival Collection.Performing Arts
Bayard, Arnold A. (1904-1988). Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Beekeeping Supply Catalog Collection.Apiculture
Belasco, David (1859-1931). Collection.Performing Arts
Belmore, George (1828-1875). Collection.Performing Arts
Benson, Mary Foley ( -1992). Papers.Art and Architecture
Berg, Harold W. (1909-1984). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Berger, Bennett M. (1926-2005). Papers.Political Science
Bernhardt, Sarah (1844-1923). Collection.Performing Arts
Bertram, Arthur (1860-1955). Papers.Performing Arts
Bialuski, Rudolph L. PapersPolitical Science
Bidinian, L. J. Papers.California History
Big Little Books CollectionLanguage and Literature
Bioletti, Frederic T. (1865-1939). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Bissinger, Karl. Papers.Performing Arts
Blackwelder Manufacturing Co. Records.Agricultural Technology
Blackwood Press Collection.Art and Architecture
Blaisdell, F. William. Papers 
Blanchard, J. Richard (1912-1996). Papers.Language and Literature
Blum, Jerome J. Collection.Political Science
Bly, Robert. Collection.Language and Literature
Bodger, John & Sons Company RecordsPlant Science
Bohart, Richard M. (1913-2007). Papers.Entomology
Boniface, John B. Collection.California History
Bonner, Michael (1924- ). Papers.Language and Literature
Born, Leonard L. Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Botanical Prints. Collection.Art and Architecture
Bradbury Family PapersCalifornia History
Bradford, G.E. Papers.Animal Science
Brady, Roy. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Branch, Nelle. Recipe BoxFood Processing and Manufacture
Brantley, Cynthia. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Bread and Puppet Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Breese, Edmund (1871-1936). Sides Collection.Performing Arts
Briedenback, William. Collection.California History
Brody, David (1930-). Papers.Political Science
Brooks, Frederick A. (1895-1967) Papers.Agricultural Technology
Brown, Barry. Collection.Natural Resources
Brown, Dillon S. (1912-1998). Papers.Plant Science
Brown, Moses (1742-1827). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Buescher, Walter M. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Archives: Wine Bottle Labels.Viticulture and Enology
Burnett Family PapersCalifornia History
Butterfield, H. M. (Harry Morton). Papers.Plant Science
C.H. Street & Company Scrapbooks CollectionAgriculture
C.M. Silva & Son Correspondence.Plant Science
California Agricultural Teaching Aid Photograph Collection.California History
California Association of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists. RecordsEntomology
California Canners and Growers Archives.Food Processing and Manufacture
California League of Food Processors Archives.Food Processing and Manufacture
California Lima Bean Growers Association. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
California Native Plant Society. Collection.Plant Science
California State Beekeepers Association Records.Apiculture
California State Fair Photograph Collection.California History
California Wool Growers' Association. Archives.Animal Science
Camejo, Peter. Papers.Political Science
Campbell, Charles. Papers.Art and Architecture
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick (1865-1940). Collection.Performing Arts
Campbell, Robert N. Papers.Plant Science
Campbell, Robert N. Slides.Plant Science
Carey, James R. Papers.Entomology
Carpenter, Donald R. (1931-1995 ). CorrespondenceLanguage and Literature
Carraco, Paul E. Papers.Agriculture
Caterpillar 20. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Cazden, Joann Cohn. Collection.Language and Literature
Cebis, Frantisek R. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Chan, Rosemary. Papers and photographsCalifornia History
Charlet, Ray. Photograph Collection.California History
Chesley, Marie. Collection.California History
Chicano Record Collection.Ethnic Studies
Chiles, Austin C. Papers.Agriculture
China-Hawaii Photograph Collection.Political Science
Chinese Fan and Embroidery Collection.Art and Architecture
Chinese Nationalist Party Collection.Political Science
Chinn, Frank J., M.D. Collection.Political Science
Chis, Alex. Papers.Political Science
Christensen, William Peter. Papers.California History
Chumley, Dan. PapersPerforming Arts
Cincinnati Butchers' Supply Co. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Circle in the Square Photographs.Performing Arts
City of Davis Collection.California History
City of Davis/Maps. Collection.California History
Clauson, William. Cycling Collection 
Clemmer, Richard O. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Cleveland, John F. Papers.Language and Literature
Clewe, John F. CorrespondenceCalifornia History
Cohn, Ruby. CorrespondencePerforming Arts
Coke, J. Earl. Collection.Agriculture
Cole, Toby (1916-2008). Archives.Performing Arts
Collection of United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Records on California WineriesViticulture and Enology
College Park Association CollectionCalifornia History
Colvin, Jean and Crowley, Daniel J. Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil Videocassettes.Ethnic Studies
Commission on Agricultural Education. Collection.Agriculture
Commission on California Agriculture and Higher Education.Agriculture
Committee of Small Magazine Editors/Publishers (COSMEP). Collection.Language and Literature
Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Condee, Robert A. CorrespondenceAgriculture
Conn, Eric E. Papers. 
Contemporary Issues Collection.Political Science
Cooke, George M. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Corman, Cid Letters to Frank Samperi.Language and Literature
Corman, Cid. Letters to Graham Ackroyd.Language and Literature
Corneretto, Alan. Wine Label Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Corti Brothers, Inc. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Corti, Count Egon (1886-1953). Collection.Art and Architecture
Cothran, Warren R. PapersEntomology
Cotton, Charles P. (1919-2007). Bicycling Collection 
Counter Culture Poster Collection.Art and Architecture
Cox, Rosalee. Collection.California History
Coyote, Peter (1941- ). Papers.Performing Arts
Craemer, Jeff. Collection.Art and Architecture
Crafts, Alden S. (1897-1990). Papers.Plant Science
Craig, Edward Gordon (1872-1966). Collection.Performing Arts
Craig, Thornton W. Papers.California History
Crampton, Beecher (1918-2003). Papers.Plant Science
Crane, George Beldon. Diaries.Viticulture and Enology
Crawford, Dan. PhotographsAgriculture
Crocheron, B. H. Papers.Agriculture
Crowley, Daniel J. (1921-1998) Papers.Ethnic Studies
Cruess, William V. (1886-1968). Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Cruikshank, George (1792-1879). Collection.Art and Architecture
Cunningham Store Account Book.California History
Curley, Robert G. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Dance Ephemera Collection.Performing Arts
Dannreuther, Edward. (1844-1905) Collection.Performing Arts
Darack, Ed. Papers.Art and Architecture
Davenport, Edward Loomis (1815-1877). Papers.Performing Arts
Davidson, Della. PapersPerforming Arts
Davis (Calif.) Land Records Collection.California History
Davis Boy Scout Troop No. 1 Photograph Album.California History
Davis Family PapersCalifornia History
Davis Food Co-op RecordsFood Processing and Manufacture
Davis, H.P. Papers on HaitiPolitical Science
Davis, Ronald G. Papers.Performing Arts
Davisville 1905: The Year the Town Woke Up Exhibit Materials.California History
DeBach, Paul H. (1914-1992). Papers.Entomology
DeCarli, Dean (1908-2005). Papers.California History
Decker, Frank N. Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
DeDecker, Mary. Papers.Plant Science
Del Rio Winery Board of Directors Meeting Minutes.Viticulture and Enology
DeLoach, Daniel B. Papers.Agriculture
Denslow, Jack. Collection.Performing Arts
DePaoli, Geri. Papers.Language and Literature
Deterding, Charles W. Collection.California History
Dickens Fellowship Collection.Language and Literature
Displaced Homemakers Archives.California History
Doan, James H. (1939-2006). PapersCalifornia History
Dobbs, Betty Jo Teeter, (1930-1994). Papers.Political Science
Doerper Etchings. Collection.Art and Architecture
Dorman, Steve. Collection.Entomology
Douglas, James Russell (1912-1980). Correspondence.Entomology
Draper, Hal. Papers.Political Science
Dublin, William Brooks. (1909-1996). Papers.Animal Science
DuBois, Francis B. (1913-2005). Papers.Agriculture
Duffey, S. S. (Sean) (1943-1997). Papers.Entomology
Dunn, John S. Papers California History
Dunning, Lorry L. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Earthmind Archives.Natural Resources
Eastman's Originals Collection.California History
Eckert, John E. (1895-1975). Papers.Apiculture
Eddy, Charles L. Collection of Yolo County Photographs.California History
Edison, Thomas A. (1847-1931). Papers.Language and Literature
Elbogen, Paul (1894-1987). Papers.Language and Literature
Elkus, Mickey. Papers.Performing Arts
Ellsler, Effie (Euphemia) (1854-1942). Collection.Performing Arts
Emmons, Bob. (1940-2008) Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Engravings, Portraits. Collection.Art and Architecture
Entomological Society of America, Pacific Branch. Archives.Entomology
Epstein, Emanuel. Collection.Natural Resources
Erikson, Jack. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Erte (Tirtoff, Romain de). Collection.Art and Architecture
Esau, Katherine (1898-1996). Collection.Plant Science
Evans, Herbert M. (1882-1952). Collection.Animal Science
Everest, Charles L. Collection.California History
Everett Family Papers.Agriculture
Faculty Reprint Collection.Language and Literature
Fahrner, Robert (1927-1995). Collection.Performing Arts
Fair Oaks Fruit Company. Archives.Food Processing and Manufacture
Fairbank, James P. Papers.Agriculture
Fairbank, W.C. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Farm Labor Training. Collection.Agriculture
Farmer Family. Diaries.California History
Farmer, David. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Farmers' Club of Sacramento. Archives.Agriculture
Farmers' Trade Union Records.Agriculture
Fazio, Victor Herbert (1942-). PapersPolitical Science
Federal Power Commission. Collection.Natural Resources
Federal Theatre Project Collection.Performing Arts
Feldman, Jay. PapersLanguage and Literature
Fermentation Technology. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Ferry-Morse Seed Co. Archives.Agriculture
Finch, Michael Cigar Label CollectionArt and Architecture
Finder, Leonard V. (1910-1969) Papers.Language and Literature
Fine Printing Collection.Art and Architecture
Finney, Ruth (1898-1979). Papers.Language and Literature
Firehouse Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Firestone Farm Guide Account BookAgriculture
Fisch, Richard M. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Fisher Family Correspondence.California History
Fiske, Emmett P. PapersAgriculture
Fitzhugh, E. Lee. Papers.Animal Science
Flavell, M. Kay (1943-) Collection.Language and Literature
Fletcher, Robert. Papers.California History
Fong, Mary. Collection.Art and Architecture
Foot, Isaac (1880-1960). Collection.Language and Literature
Forbes, Jack D. (1934-2011). Collection.Ethnic Studies
Forbes, James. PapersPerforming Arts
Fowler, Herbert G. (1873-1960) Papers.Political Science
Fowler, Murray E. PapersAnimal Science
Frazier, Norman. (1907-2001). Papers.Entomology
Freeborn, Stanley Barron (1891-1960). Papers.Entomology
Freeman, Sanford and Barbara. Collection of Henrique Vivian Messetti Materials.Performing Arts
French Revolution Collection.Political Science
Fried, Juan. Wine Label Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Friedrich, Edwin. Papers 
Fruit Growers Association By-Laws. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Gallo, Ernest F. PapersAnimal Science
Galloway, Terry. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Gardner, M.E. Scrapbook of Atomic Energy & Related Subjects. 
Gardner, Walter H. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Garrigus, Charles B. (1914- ) Papers.Language and Literature
George, Alan. Collection.Agriculture
Gibbs, Donald A. (1931-). Collection.Performing Arts
Gibson, Robin and Luis Veiga Living Theatre Collection.Performing Arts
Gill, Eric (1882-1940). Collection.Language and Literature
Gillespie, David K. (1821-) Papers.Agriculture
Gilmore, Arthur E. Papers.Natural Resources
Gleason, Lydia Vineyard. PapersCalifornia History
Glenn, Dawrence S. Collection.Plant Science
Gold, Seymour M. Papers.Natural Resources
Goodman, Paul (1934-1995). Papers.Political Science
Goss, John R. (1923-). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Gottlieb, Vera. Collection.California History
Gray, Thorne B. Collection.Natural Resources
Green, Wayne L. Papers.Language and Literature
Greene, Henry Dart (1900-1978). Papers.Agriculture
Greenleaf, Sidney S. Papers.Language and Literature
Gregor, Howard F. (1920-2000). Papers.Agriculture
Gregory, Stanley. Collection.California History
Grivetti, Louis. PapersFood Processing and Manufacture
Gullan, Penny J. Slides on Insect ControlEntomology
Guymon, James F. (1911-1978). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Hackett, C. Nelson (1888-1979). Papers.California History
Hagan, Robert Mower (1916-2002). Papers.Natural Resources
Halberstadt, Milton (1919-2000). Papers.Art and Architecture
Halbert, Sherrill. Papers.California History
Hall, John A. PapersCalifornia History
Hamilton, Dwight L. Collection.Natural Resources
Hanley, Joseph G. (1828-1869). Papers.Performing Arts
Hanna, Gordie C. (1903-1993). Papers.Plant Science
Hannibal, Lester. Papers.Plant Science
Harbison, John S. (1826-1912). Papers.Apiculture
Hardin, Charles M. (1908-1997). Papers.Political Science
Harer, Asher (1912-2004). Papers.Political Science
Harper, Lawrence A. (1901-1989). Papers.Political Science
Harris Manufacturing Company Collection.Agricultural Technology
Harris, Howard. MemoirsAgriculture
Harrison, George John. Papers.Agriculture
Harrison, Margaret B. (1911-1980). Collection.Art and Architecture
Hart, George H. (1883-1959). Papers.Animal Science
Hart, Winfield H. PapersEntomology
Harte, Bret (1836-1902). Collection.Language and Literature
Hayden, Charles H. and Richard M. Papers California History
Hays, Peter L. (1938- ). Papers.Language and Literature
Hazen, Harry. Papers on the University FarmCalifornia History
Hecke, George H. Papers.Agriculture
Hedrick, Jerry L. PapersAnimal Science
Heidrick, Joe. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Helwig, John H. PapersNatural Resources
Henchey, Paul L. PhotographyArt and Architecture
Henn, James D. (1911-1989). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Henning, Dianna. PapersLanguage and Literature
Heringer, Robert P. Recollections of Clarksburg, California.California History
Herrington, Fred S. Collection.Art and Architecture
Hertzman, Peter. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Hewitt, William B. Papers.Plant Science
Hicks, Susan. Collection.California History
Higgins, Floyd Halleck (1886-1975). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Higgins, Floyd Halleck (1886-1975). Photographs of Mexican Sugar Beet Workers.Ethnic Studies
Higgins, Floyd Halleck. Agricultural Technology PhotographsAgricultural Technology
Higgins, Floyd Halleck. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Hoagland, D. R. (1884-1949). Collection.Plant Science
Hoke Tractor Affadavit. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Holland Land Company Archives.Natural Resources
Hollywood Film Strike Collection.Performing Arts
Holt of California. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Hosselkus Company Collection.California History
House, Freeman. PapersCalifornia History
Howard, Clinton N. PapersPolitical Science
Howard, Seymour (1928-). Papers.Art and Architecture
Howard, Walter E. Papers.Natural Resources
Hoy, George. Collection.Language and Literature
Hudson, Nathaniel D. Papers.Agriculture
Hughes, Walter. CollectionCalifornia History
Hungate, Robert E. Papers.Animal Science
Hunold, Raymond (1933-2010). Photograph Collection.Art and Architecture
Hunt, Thomas F. (1862-1927). Papers.Agriculture
Hutchison, Claude B. (1885-1980). Papers.Agriculture
Hutchison, Sarah V. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Iazykov, Nikolai. Papers.Political Science
Index Seminum Collection.Plant Science
International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). Local 17. RecordsPolitical Science
Italian Swiss Colony Archives.Viticulture and Enology
Ivie, Robert M. CollectionViticulture and Enology
Jackson, Forrest. Collection.Agriculture
Jackson, W. Turrentine (1915-2000). Papers.California History
Jacobsen, Henry. Papers.Agriculture
Jett, Stephen C. (1938- ). Papers.Ethnic Studies
Jewett, Alyce W. Collection.California History
Johnson, Hugh. ArchivesViticulture and Enology
Johnston, Tom. Collection.California History
Joint Stock Theatre Group Archives.Performing Arts
Jones, Allan. Papers.Art and Architecture
Jones, Burle J. (1880- ). Papers.Plant Science
Jones, J. Richard (1903-1977). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Jordan, Rudolf. Vintage Reports for Castle Rock Vineyard. Viticulture and Enology
Keast, Phillip. (1901-1990). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Keehn, Joseph. Collection.California History
Keith, Joseph Joel (-1967). Papers.Language and Literature
Keizer, Joel. Papers. 
Kelly, Robert (1935- ). Papers.Language and Literature
Kendrick, James Blair. Correspondence.Plant Science
Kennedy, Bari L. (1953-). Collection.Language and Literature
Kenworthy, Aubrey S. Papers.Political Science
Kerista Commune CollectionCalifornia History
Kew, Kenneth (1925-1987). Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Kiernan, Jim. Papers.Political Science
Kleiber, Max (1893-1976). Papers.Animal Science
Kliewer, W. Mark. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Knox, Kenneth. CollectionPolitical Science
Koda Family PapersAgriculture
Korean American Oral History Project CollectionEthnic Studies
Koron, Alex. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Kreissman, Bernard. Papers.Language and Literature
Kress, Phyllis J. Papers.Performing Arts
Kunkee, Ralph. PapersViticulture and Enology
Kupfer, David. Collection.California History
Kyoi/Kuksu Archives.Language and Literature
L'Amour, Lynette and Sidiku. Collection.Language and Literature
Laben, Robert. Collection.Animal Science
Laidlaw, Harry Hyde (1907-2003). Papers.Apiculture
Lammerts, Walter E. (1904-1996). Papers.Plant Science
Lang, Norma J. PapersPlant Science
Lange, William Harry (1912-2004). Papers.Entomology
Larkey, Joann Leach. Papers.California History
Lavoipierre, Michel Marie Joseph. PhotographsEntomology
Learn, Elmer W. Reports and Speeches.Political Science
Lebaustri French Enology Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Lee, Chol Soo. CollectionEthnic Studies
Lee, K.W. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Lee, Lawrence Bacon (1917-2003). CorrespondencePolitical Science
Lee, William H. Oral History Recording.Ethnic Studies
Leffingwell, Randy (1948-). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Leigh, John H. (1858-1934). Papers.Performing Arts
Lemert, Edwin McCarthy (1912-1996). Papers.Political Science
Leong, Thomas. PapersViticulture and Enology
Leslie, Alan and Fanny. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Lewis Family PapersCalifornia History
Lewis, Michael (1936-). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Li, Jon. Collection.California History
Liberty Farms Company Archives.Agriculture
Liddell-Hart, Basil H. (1895-1970). Papers.Political Science
Lindeman, Jeffrey. CollectionPerforming Arts
Lindley Family Papers.California History
Lithographs of Engravings. Collection.Art and Architecture
Little Leather Library Collection.Language and Literature
Living Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Lloyd, Wylie E. Papers.Natural Resources
Lo, Jung-pang (1912-1981). Papers.Political Science
Lockhart, Robert. Collection.California History
Lofland, John. Papers on the Unification Church.Political Science
Lofland, John. Papers.Political Science
Loney, Glenn M. (1928- ). Papers.Performing Arts
Long, James Dewey. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Loomis, Edmond C. Papers.Entomology
Lott, Dale F. (1933-2004). Papers.Animal Science
Lovelace, Billie. Collection.California History
Lownsbery, Benjamin Ferris (1920-2000). Papers.Plant Science
Lug Label Collection.Art and Architecture
Luh, Bor Shiun. ReprintsFood Processing and Manufacture
Lust, Geraldine. Papers.Performing Arts
Machado, Manuel A. Papers.Animal Science
MacMillan, Howard G. Papers.Plant Science
Madson, Ben Adolph. (1887-1974). Papers.Plant Science
Maillard Merino Sheep Ranch RecordsAnimal Science
Major, Jack (1917-2001). Papers.Plant Science
Manny Reaper Collection.Agricultural Technology
Mantegna, Gianfranco. Papers.Performing Arts
Marchand, C. Roland. (1933-1998) Papers.Political Science
Maria y Campos, Armando de (1897-1967). Collection.Performing Arts
Marler, Peter. PapersAnimal Science
Marlin-Jones, Davey. Press Kit Collection.Performing Arts
Marsh, George. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Marsh, Warner L. Papers.Natural Resources
Martin, Philip L. Collection of Farm Labor ContractsAgriculture
Martin-Harvey, Sir John (1863-1944). Papers.Performing Arts
Masson, Paul (1859-1943). Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Matheny, Deloris. Collection.California History
Mayer, H.M. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Mayer, Thomas (1927-). Collection.Political Science
Mazarinades Collection.Political Science
McCaskill, June (1930-2001). Papers.Plant Science
McClure, Joanna and Michael. Papers.Language and Literature
McConnell, John. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
McCorkle, Chester O. (1925- ). Papers.Agriculture
McCubbin, John C. (1863-1957). Papers.Apiculture
McDonald, Alex. Collection.Animal Science
McKenzie, Howard Lester (1910-1968). Collection.Entomology
McKevitt, Frank B. Papers.California History
McKinnon and Ruble Families Papers.California History
McLean, Winsor W. ScrapbookCalifornia History
McNeil, Katherine. Papers.Language and Literature
McPherson, Sandra. PapersLanguage and Literature
Mechling, Jay. CollectionCalifornia History
Medieval Association of the Pacific RecordsLanguage and Literature
Medieval Manuscripts Collection.Language and Literature
Meister and Bro. Archives.California History
Messetti, Henrique Vivian. Papers.Performing Arts
Meteorological Records Collection.Natural Resources
Mexican Land Grant. Collection.California History
Mielziner, Jo (1901-1976). Collection.Performing Arts
Miller and Lux, Inc. Archives.Animal Science
Miller, Loye (1874-1970). Typescripts.Natural Resources
Miller, Marion G. Papers 
Miller, Milton Albert (1907-2001). Zoology Illustration Collection.Animal Science
Miller, Milton D. (1911-1999) Papers.Agriculture
Miller, R. Bryan (1940-1998). Papers. 
Mining CollectionNatural Resources
Miscellaneous Manuscripts CollectionCalifornia History
Moffat, Margaret (1882-1942). Papers.Performing Arts
Mondavi, Robert G. PapersViticulture and Enology
Mondry, John J. Horticulture PhotographsPlant Science
Montgomery, John. Letters to Robert Frauenglas.Language and Literature
Moores, Eldridge M. (1938-). Papers.Natural Resources
Morris, Jane. Letters to Theodore Watts-Dunton.Language and Literature
Morrow, Dwight W., Jr. (1861-1954). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Moscow Art Theatre Collection.Performing Arts
Moser, Norman. Papers.Language and Literature
Moses, Benjamin Duncan (1882-1951). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC) RecordsEntomology
Movius, John. PapersViticulture and Enology
Mrak, Emil M. (1901-1987). Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Mudd and Mapes Families Papers.Agricultural Technology
Mullins, Michael G. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Munyon, Robert. Collection of the UC Davis Foundation, Board of Trustees minutes.California History
Murphy, George E. Collection.California History
Murray, Robert B. Collection.Performing Arts
Music Ephemera Collection.Performing Arts
Mussen, Eric C. Collection.Apiculture
Napoleonic Wine Trade Collection.Viticulture and Enology
National Defense Research Committee Collection.Political Science
Natural Colored Wool Growers Association (NCWGA) RecordsAnimal Science
Nelson, Klayton E. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Nelson, Oscar M. F. Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Neubauer, Loren W. (1904-1991). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Neumann, Alfred. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Nevada City, Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce Minute Book.California History
Nevada County Collection.California History
Nevada Theatre. Collection.Performing Arts
New California Jockey Club Collection.Animal Science
Newton, Gordon, & Johnson, Merchants. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Noble, Ann C. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
North Bloomfield Gravel Mining Company RecordsNatural Resources
Northern California Entomology Club Archives.Entomology
Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection: International.Agriculture
Nursery and Seed Catalog Collection: United States.Agriculture
Nursery and Seed Ephemera CollectionAgriculture
Nyhus, Paul O. (1894-1981). Papers.Agriculture
O'Brien, C. Bickford (1909-1979). Papers.Political Science
O'Higgins, Ambrosio. Papers.Political Science
Obledo, Mario G., (1932-2010). Papers.Political Science
Ogasawara, Frank X. (1913-2002). Papers.Animal Science
Olivina Vineyards. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Olmo, Harold Paul (1909-2006). PapersViticulture and Enology
Olmstead, Alan L. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Olmsted, David Lockwood (1926-). Papers.Ethnic Studies
Olmsted, John D. (1938-2011) PapersNatural Resources
Open Ring Galleries RecordsArt and Architecture
Orloff, Alexander S. (1891-). Collection.Performing Arts
Osburn, Bennie I. PapersAnimal Science
Ough, Cornelius S. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Our Lady of Vladimir Convent Collection.California History
Owens (Mr. and Mrs. Edward N.) Collection.California History
Owens, Louis (1948-2002). Papers.Language and Literature
Owens, Rochelle (1936- ). Papers.Performing Arts
Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen Collection.Agriculture
Paint and Varnish Ephemera Collection.Art and Architecture
Palmer Family Papers.Political Science
Panama Pacific International Exposition CollectionCalifornia History
Pantothenic Acid Patent Rights Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Park, Joe. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Parsons, Frank C. Papers.Agriculture
Partansky, Julie. Papers.California History
Pearl, Robert C. PapersFood Processing and Manufacture
Peattie, Noel. Papers.Language and Literature
Peck, Harold. Papers.California History
Performing Arts Photographs. Collection.Performing Arts
Peterson, Maurice L. Papers.Plant Science
Philip, Fayetta Harris (1881-1970). Papers.Language and Literature
Phillips, Edith H. (1891-1983). Collection.Plant Science
Photographs of the University of California, Davis Campus. Collection.California History
Piepgrass, Niels C. Collection.Agriculture
Pierce Family Papers.California History
Pioneer Reduction Company RecordsNatural Resources
Placide, Henry. Collection.Performing Arts
Plant, Forrest A., Sr. (1889-1933). Collection.California History
Playbills: International Collection.Performing Arts
Playbills: United States Collection.Performing Arts
Pohler, Henry Putnam. Collection. 
Polis, Gary A. Papers.Natural Resources
Political Button and Flyer Collection.Political Science
Pond, Gardner P. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Pony Express Centennial Association. Records.California History
Popper, Jan. Papers.Performing Arts
Poppino, Rollie E. Papers.Political Science
Porter, John Easton Photograph AlbumCalifornia History
Portraits of the Past Collection.California History
Poultry Producers of Central California Collection.Animal Science
Powell, William G. (1907-1971). Collection.Performing Arts
Power, Robert H. Collection.California History
Pratt Family Papers.California History
Priory of Woodchester. Collection.Language and Literature
Proebsting, Edward L. (1897-1985). Papers.Plant Science
Prokopovich, Nikola P. (1918-1999). Papers.Natural Resources
Prout, Timothy. Papers.Entomology
Public Health History of California Collection 
Putah Creek Council RecordsNatural Resources
Quinn, Frank. Collection.Ethnic Studies
Quire, Joseph H. Papers Relating to Peter J. Shields.California History
Ramey, Bern C. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Rappoport, Solomon [Ansky] (1863-1920). Collection.Performing Arts
Raveling, Dennis G. PapersAnimal Science
Ray, Martin and Eleanor. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Raynesford, Howard C. Papers.California History
Reclamation District #551. Archives.Natural Resources
Reed Quicksilver Mine CollectionNatural Resources
Reid, David W. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Religion and Agriculture Collection.Agriculture
Rettinger, Michael (1905- ). Collection.Animal Science
Revere Copper and Brass, Inc. Collection.Art and Architecture
Reynolds, Christopher A. Collection of Women's Song.Performing Arts
Reynoso, Cruz. (1931- ). Papers.Political Science
Richardson, Bertram. Papers.Animal Science
Richardson, Charles S. Papers.California History
Richardson, Fred. Collection.California History
Richter, Max Clemens (1884-1973). Papers.Apiculture
Riddell, Adaljiza Sosa. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Riley, Norman E. PhotographsCalifornia History
Risling, David. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Rixford, Emmet H. ScrapbookViticulture and Enology
Robertson, David. PapersLanguage and Literature
Rockwell, Don A. Papers 
Roddy, Kevin. PapersLanguage and Literature
Rodgerson, Eleanor, MD. Papers.California History
Roessler, Edward Biffer (1902-1993). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Rogers, John H. CollectionLanguage and Literature
Rominger, Richard. Papers.Natural Resources
Rosen, Jerome. PapersPerforming Arts
Rost, Thomas. Papers.Plant Science
Roth, Raymond F. Papers.Agriculture
Rothchild, Donald S. Writings.Political Science
Rothstein, Morton. Papers.Agriculture
Rowe, Albert H. (1889-1970). Papers. 
Royal Arch Masons. Manzanita Chapter No. 29. Ledger.California History
Rudin, Edward (1922-2003). Papers. 
Rudisill, Janet. Collection.Animal Science
Russell, William O. (1910-1997). Papers.California History
Ruth Pierce Mine CollectionNatural Resources
Ryerson, Knowles A. (1892-1990). Papers.Plant Science
Sacramento Book Collectors Club Collection.Language and Literature
Sacramento Muncipal Utility District. Collection.Natural Resources
Sacramento Union Newspaper. Archives.California History
Sakaki, Nanao. Collection.Language and Literature
San Buenaventura, Steffi (1941-2002). Papers.Ethnic Studies
San Francisco Ballad Slips and Song Sheets Collection.Language and Literature
San Francisco Mime Troupe Archives.Performing Arts
San Francisco Oracle Archives.Language and Literature
Sanfield, Steven H. (1937-2015). Papers.Language and Literature
Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation RecordsPlant Science
Sarlos, Robert K. (1931-2008). Papers.Performing Arts
Sarna-Wojcicki, Matthew. Cycling Periodicals Collection. 
Satterlee, Charles E. Papers.Art and Architecture
Save the Redwoods League. Archives.Natural Resources
Scenes of England and Wales Collection.Art and Architecture
Schacht, Henry M. (1916-2011). Papers.Agriculture
Schack, Paul. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Schaefer, Norman. Papers.Language and Literature
Schafer, Jack. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Scheuring, Ann F. (1937- ). Papers.Agriculture
Schmeiser Collection.California History
Schmidt, Leon H. Collection.Animal Science
Schneeman, Barbara O. PapersFood Processing and Manufacture
Schneeman, Charles E., Jr. Papers.Art and Architecture
Schoenstedt, Walter (1909-). Papers.Language and Literature
Schutt, Ellen Isham. Pomological Watercolors.Art and Architecture
Schwab, Richard. Papers.Language and Literature
Scott, Sidelle. Artists booksArt and Architecture
Searls Family PapersCalifornia History
Shaffer, Jack. Collection of Cooperatives Materials. 
Shank, David. Papers.Agriculture
Shapiro, Daniel (1920-1982). PapersArt and Architecture
Sheet Music. Collection.Performing Arts
Sherwood, Morgan B. Papers.Political Science
Shideler, James H. (1914-1998). Collection.Agriculture
Shields, Peter J. (1862-1962). Collection.California History
Shragge, Elaine. Papers.Performing Arts
Silverman, Joseph H. (1924-1989). Collection.Language and Literature
Simmons, Marie. Collection.California History
Singleton, Vernon L. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Sipapu Archives.Language and Literature
Sixteenth Century Bible Leaves Collection.Language and Literature
Slagle, Al Logan. (1950-2002). Collection.Ethnic Studies
Slater, Colby E. "Babe." CollectionCalifornia History
Smith, Alfred F. (1919-2008). PapersCalifornia History
Smith, Leslie M. (1903-1976). Papers.Entomology
Smith, Michael P. PapersPolitical Science
Smith, Milo B. Papers.California History
Smith, Waddell F. Papers.California History
Smith, William Henry Sedley. (1806-1872). Sides.Performing Arts
Smith, Wilson (1922- ). Papers.Political Science
Snyder, Gary S. (1930- ). Papers.Language and Literature
Snyder, Gary. Letters to Cid Corman.Language and Literature
Snyder, James. Collection.Ethnic Studies
Society of Automotive Engineers Collection.Agricultural Technology
Soltero, Emilio. Papers.Art and Architecture
Special Libraries Association. Sierra Nevada Chapter. Records.California History
Spencer, Howard O. Correspondence 
Spicer, James and Morris Ploscowe. Collection.Performing Arts
Spieker, Warren E., Jr. Collection of Oral Histories of Waterfowl HuntersAnimal Science
Spreckels Sugar Company Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Squaring the Circle Collection.Performing Arts
Squat Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Stafford, Eugene M. (1910-1980). Correspondence.Entomology
Stebbins, George Ledyard (1906-2000). Papers.Plant Science
Steiner, Howard. (1897- ). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Steinmetz, Andrew (1816-1877). Papers.Language and Literature
Stevens, James. Collection.Political Science
Stewart, John Innes Mackintosh. CollectionLanguage and Literature
Stewart, M.A. Papers.Entomology
Stilson, Charles L. PapersCalifornia History
Stirniman, E. J. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Stones, Margaret. Watercolors.Art and Architecture
Storer, Tracy I. (1889-1973) Papers.Animal Science
Stout, Perry R. (1909-1975). Papers.Plant Science
Stowell, Robert E. (Robert Eugene), 1914-2011. Papers. 
Stumpf, Paul K. Slides of the University of California, Davis and Davis, California.California History
Styles, Florence H. Papers.California History
Sullivan, Charles L. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Summers, Francis Marion (1906-1994). Correspondence.Entomology
Sunshine Farm Dairy. Archives.Agriculture
Sutherland, Howard Vigne. Papers.Performing Arts
Sutter Basin Company RecordsCalifornia History
Sutter Buttes Oral History CollectionCalifornia History
Sutter, John Augustus (1803-1880). Papers.California History
Swift, Dorothy. Papers.Language and Literature
Swift, Richard (1927-2003). Papers.Performing Arts
Talbert, John. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Talbot, Steve. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Tanji, Kenneth K. PapersNatural Resources
Teiser, Ruth. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Theatre Clippings Collection.Performing Arts
Theatre Design Collection.Performing Arts
Theatre Engravings Collection.Performing Arts
Theatre Ephemera Collection.Performing Arts
Theatre Posters Collection: International.Performing Arts
Theatre Posters Collection: United States.Performing Arts
Theatre Programs Collection: International.Performing Arts
Theatre Programs Collection: United States.Performing Arts
Theatre Promotional Materials Collection.Performing Arts
Theatre Scrapbooks Collection.Performing Arts
Theatre Serials Collection.Performing Arts
Thelen, Ray (1918-2005). Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Thiel, Philip. Collection on Human Powered Recreational Watercraft 
Thompson, Brian T. (1923-2011) Collection.Art and Architecture
Thompson, Karla. Papers.Political Science
Thompson, Orville. SlidesCalifornia History
Titus, Charles M. PapersCalifornia History
Tomes, Joseph. Papers.Performing Arts
Torrence, Jackie. CollectionPerforming Arts
Toulson, Hank. Collection.California History
Towler, John. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Trade Literature CollectionAgricultural Technology
Trafton-Crane Family PhotographsCalifornia History
Tree, Sir Herbert D. B. (1853-1917). Papers.Performing Arts
Tri/Valley Growers Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Trudell, Clyde F. Collection.Art and Architecture
True, Gordon Haines (1868-1928). Papers.Animal Science
Tucker, Erasmus. Collection.California History
Tucker, John M. PapersPlant Science
Tuma, Elias H. Papers.Political Science
Tupper, C. John (1920-1998). Papers. 
Turner, John H. Collection.Natural Resources
U.C. Cooperative Extension. Monterey County. Collection.Agriculture
Uehara, Masa. Collection.Language and Literature
Uhl, E.H. Collection.Natural Resources
Ullman, Russell. Collection.Performing Arts
Underground Comic Book Collection.Language and Literature
United Committee on War Temperance Activities in the Army and Navy Lantern SlidesPolitical Science
United Committee on War Temperance Activities in the Army and Navy Lantern SlidesPolitical Science
United States. General Land Office. Archives.California History
Universal Movement Theatre Repertory Archives.Performing Arts
University of California (System). Center for Cooperatives. Collection. 
Ury, Marian. Papers.Language and Literature
USSR Theatre Collection.Performing Arts
Valente, William E. (1934-1993). Papers.Performing Arts
Van Maren, James G. (1927- ). Collection.Agriculture
Varese, Stefano. PapersEthnic Studies
Vauxhall Gardens Collection.Performing Arts
Veihmeyer, Frank J. (1886-1977). Papers.Natural Resources
Veterans History Project CollectionPolitical Science
Viticulture and Enology Collection: Broadsides.Viticulture and Enology
Viticulture and Enology Collection: Ephemera.Viticulture and Enology
Viticulture and Enology Collection: Newsletters.Viticulture and Enology
Viticulture and Enology Collection: United States Pamphlets.Viticulture and Enology
Viticulture and Enology Collection: Wine Labels.Viticulture and Enology
Viticulture Scrapbook.Viticulture and Enology
Vlamis, James. Papers.Plant Science
Vohs, John L. Collection.Political Science
Voorhies, Edwin C. (1891-1967). Papers.Agriculture
W.B. Clarke & Co. Nursery RecordsPlant Science
Waggoner (W.W.) Papers Natural Resources
Wagner, D. R. Papers.Art and Architecture
Wagnon, Kenneth A. (1907- ). Collection.Animal Science
Wagstaff, Christopher. Collection.Language and Literature
Walker, Harry B. (1884-1957). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Walker, Harry O. Slide Collection.Natural Resources
Walker, Spinning, and Durrell Families PapersCalifornia History
Walrus & Carpenter Club Collection.California History
Walters, Richard Francis. Papers. 
Walters, Shipley. Papers.California History
Warde, Frederick B. (1851-1935). Collection.Performing Arts
Watkins, Lee H. (1908-1972). Collection.Apiculture
Webb, A. Dinsmoor (1917-2003). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Webb, Nancy. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Weber, Brom (1917-1998). Papers.Language and Literature
Webster, Grady L. (1927-2005). Papers.Plant Science
Weeks, David. PapersAgriculture
Weeth, Lois Weston. Collection on UC Davis HistoryCalifornia History
Weier, T. Elliot (1903-1991). Papers.Plant Science
Weslow, Jessie C. Papers.California History
West, Martha. Papers.Political Science
Western Independent Publishers Collection.Language and Literature
Western Machinery Company Archives.Agricultural Technology
Westgate, Warren A. (1904-1989). Collection.California History
Whalen, Philip. Correspondence.Language and Literature
Whitaker, Thomas W. PapersAgriculture
White, Ellis. Collection.Performing Arts
Wickson, Edward J. (1848-1923). Papers.Plant Science
Wiggins, Robert A. (1921-1989). Papers.Language and Literature
Wilcoxson, Jefferson. Papers.California History
Wiley, William T. (1937- ). Collection.Art and Architecture
Wilhelm, Stephen. Collection.Agriculture
Williams, Milo B. (1882-1954). Papers.Natural Resources
Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). Papers.Performing Arts
Williamson, Alan Bacher. Papers.Language and Literature
Williamson, Joseph F. Papers.Plant Science
Willis, Peter. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Wilson, Virginia P. Papers.Language and Literature
Wilson, Virginia Perry Collection on Jesse StuartLanguage and Literature
Wine Industry Technical Seminars Archives.Viticulture and Enology
Wine Institute. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Wine Receipts. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Wines and Vines Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Winter, Samuel and Mary. Collection.Plant Science
Witkin, Bernard E. Collection.Language and Literature
Wolfskill Family CollectionCalifornia History
Woll, T.W. Papers.Animal Science
Wood, Douglas. Papers.Performing Arts
Wood, Jim. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Wood, William B. (1779-1861). Collection.Performing Arts
Woodcuts Collection.Art and Architecture
Wooden, Wesley. Papers.Animal Science
Woodland Opera House Collection.Performing Arts
Wordsworth, Dorothy (1771-1855). Collection.Language and Literature
World War I and II Ephemera Collection.Political Science
Wright, Celeste T. (1906-1999). Papers.Language and Literature
Yolo County, Justice Court, Putah Township, Records Collection.California History
Yolo Winery Association Collection.Viticulture and Enology
York, John P.Slide Collection.Art and Architecture
Young, Peter. Lantern Slides of Latin America.Art and Architecture
Yuba County Board of Supervisors CollectionCalifornia History
Ziegler, Walter H. Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Zweig, Gunter (1923-1987). PapersEntomology