Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with C

TitleAssigned Subject
C.H. Street & Company Scrapbooks CollectionAgriculture
C.M. Silva & Son Correspondence.Plant Science
California Agricultural Teaching Aid Photograph Collection.California History
California Association of the American Registry of Professional Entomologists. RecordsEntomology
California Canners and Growers Archives.Food Processing and Manufacture
California League of Food Processors Archives.Food Processing and Manufacture
California Lima Bean Growers Association. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
California Native Plant Society. Collection.Plant Science
California State Beekeepers Association Records.Apiculture
California State Fair Photograph Collection.California History
California Wool Growers' Association. Archives.Animal Science
Camejo, Peter. Papers.Political Science
Campbell, Charles. Papers.Art and Architecture
Campbell, Mrs. Patrick (1865-1940). Collection.Performing Arts
Campbell, Robert N. Papers.Plant Science
Campbell, Robert N. Slides.Plant Science
Carey, James R. Papers.Entomology
Carpenter, Donald R. (1931-1995 ). CorrespondenceLanguage and Literature
Carraco, Paul E. Papers.Agriculture
Caterpillar 20. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Cazden, Joann Cohn. Collection.Language and Literature
Cebis, Frantisek R. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Chan, Rosemary. Papers and photographsCalifornia History
Charlet, Ray. Photograph Collection.California History
Chesley, Marie. Collection.California History
Chicano Record Collection.Ethnic Studies
Chiles, Austin C. Papers.Agriculture
China-Hawaii Photograph Collection.Political Science
Chinese Fan and Embroidery Collection.Art and Architecture
Chinese Nationalist Party Collection.Political Science
Chinn, Frank J., M.D. Collection.Political Science
Chis, Alex. Papers.Political Science
Christensen, William Peter. Papers.California History
Chumley, Dan. PapersPerforming Arts
Cincinnati Butchers' Supply Co. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Circle in the Square Photographs.Performing Arts
City of Davis Collection.California History
City of Davis/Maps. Collection.California History
Clauson, William. Cycling Collection 
Clemmer, Richard O. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Cleveland, John F. Papers.Language and Literature
Clewe, John F. CorrespondenceCalifornia History
Cohn, Ruby. CorrespondencePerforming Arts
Coke, J. Earl. Collection.Agriculture
Cole, Toby (1916-2008). Archives.Performing Arts
Collection of United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Records on California WineriesViticulture and Enology
College Park Association CollectionCalifornia History
Colvin, Jean and Crowley, Daniel J. Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, Brazil Videocassettes.Ethnic Studies
Commission on Agricultural Education. Collection.Agriculture
Commission on California Agriculture and Higher Education.Agriculture
Committee of Small Magazine Editors/Publishers (COSMEP). Collection.Language and Literature
Companhia Geral da Agricultura das Vinhas do Alto Douro. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Condee, Robert A. CorrespondenceAgriculture
Conn, Eric E. Papers. 
Contemporary Issues Collection.Political Science
Cooke, George M. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Corman, Cid Letters to Frank Samperi.Language and Literature
Corman, Cid. Letters to Graham Ackroyd.Language and Literature
Corneretto, Alan. Wine Label Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Corti Brothers, Inc. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Corti, Count Egon (1886-1953). Collection.Art and Architecture
Cothran, Warren R. PapersEntomology
Cotton, Charles P. (1919-2007). Bicycling Collection 
Counter Culture Poster Collection.Art and Architecture
Cox, Rosalee. Collection.California History
Coyote, Peter (1941- ). Papers.Performing Arts
Craemer, Jeff. Collection.Art and Architecture
Crafts, Alden S. (1897-1990). Papers.Plant Science
Craig, Edward Gordon (1872-1966). Collection.Performing Arts
Craig, Thornton W. Papers.California History
Crampton, Beecher (1918-2003). Papers.Plant Science
Crane, George Beldon. Diaries.Viticulture and Enology
Crawford, Dan. PhotographsAgriculture
Crocheron, B. H. Papers.Agriculture
Crowley, Daniel J. (1921-1998) Papers.Ethnic Studies
Cruess, William V. (1886-1968). Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Cruikshank, George (1792-1879). Collection.Art and Architecture
Cunningham Store Account Book.California History
Curley, Robert G. Collection.Agricultural Technology