Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with H

TitleAssigned Subject
Hackett, C. Nelson (1888-1979). Papers.California History
Hagan, Robert Mower (1916-2002). Papers.Natural Resources
Halberstadt, Milton (1919-2000). Papers.Art and Architecture
Halbert, Sherrill. Papers.California History
Hall, John A. PapersCalifornia History
Hamilton, Dwight L. Collection.Natural Resources
Hanley, Joseph G. (1828-1869). Papers.Performing Arts
Hanna, Gordie C. (1903-1993). Papers.Plant Science
Hannibal, Lester. Papers.Plant Science
Harbison, John S. (1826-1912). Papers.Apiculture
Hardin, Charles M. (1908-1997). Papers.Political Science
Harer, Asher (1912-2004). Papers.Political Science
Harper, Lawrence A. (1901-1989). Papers.Political Science
Harris Manufacturing Company Collection.Agricultural Technology
Harris, Howard. MemoirsAgriculture
Harrison, George John. Papers.Agriculture
Harrison, Margaret B. (1911-1980). Collection.Art and Architecture
Hart, George H. (1883-1959). Papers.Animal Science
Hart, Winfield H. PapersEntomology
Harte, Bret (1836-1902). Collection.Language and Literature
Hayden, Charles H. and Richard M. Papers California History
Hays, Peter L. (1938- ). Papers.Language and Literature
Hazen, Harry. Papers on the University FarmCalifornia History
Hecke, George H. Papers.Agriculture
Hedrick, Jerry L. PapersAnimal Science
Heidrick, Joe. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Helwig, John H. PapersNatural Resources
Henchey, Paul L. PhotographyArt and Architecture
Henn, James D. (1911-1989). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Henning, Dianna. PapersLanguage and Literature
Heringer, Robert P. Recollections of Clarksburg, California.California History
Herrington, Fred S. Collection.Art and Architecture
Hertzman, Peter. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Hewitt, William B. Papers.Plant Science
Hicks, Susan. Collection.California History
Higgins, Floyd Halleck (1886-1975). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Higgins, Floyd Halleck (1886-1975). Photographs of Mexican Sugar Beet Workers.Ethnic Studies
Higgins, Floyd Halleck. Agricultural Technology PhotographsAgricultural Technology
Higgins, Floyd Halleck. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Hoagland, D. R. (1884-1949). Collection.Plant Science
Hoke Tractor Affadavit. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Holland Land Company Archives.Natural Resources
Hollywood Film Strike Collection.Performing Arts
Holt of California. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Hosselkus Company Collection.California History
House, Freeman. PapersCalifornia History
Howard, Clinton N. PapersPolitical Science
Howard, Seymour (1928-). Papers.Art and Architecture
Howard, Walter E. Papers.Natural Resources
Hoy, George. Collection.Language and Literature
Hudson, Nathaniel D. Papers.Agriculture
Hughes, Walter. CollectionCalifornia History
Hungate, Robert E. Papers.Animal Science
Hunold, Raymond (1933-2010). Photograph Collection.Art and Architecture
Hunt, Thomas F. (1862-1927). Papers.Agriculture
Hutchison, Claude B. (1885-1980). Papers.Agriculture
Hutchison, Sarah V. Papers.Ethnic Studies