Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with M

TitleAssigned Subject
Machado, Manuel A. Papers.Animal Science
MacMillan, Howard G. Papers.Plant Science
Madson, Ben Adolph. (1887-1974). Papers.Plant Science
Maillard Merino Sheep Ranch RecordsAnimal Science
Major, Jack (1917-2001). Papers.Plant Science
Manny Reaper Collection.Agricultural Technology
Mantegna, Gianfranco. Papers.Performing Arts
Marchand, C. Roland. (1933-1998) Papers.Political Science
Maria y Campos, Armando de (1897-1967). Collection.Performing Arts
Marler, Peter. PapersAnimal Science
Marlin-Jones, Davey. Press Kit Collection.Performing Arts
Marsh, George. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Marsh, Warner L. Papers.Natural Resources
Martin, Philip L. Collection of Farm Labor ContractsAgriculture
Martin-Harvey, Sir John (1863-1944). Papers.Performing Arts
Masson, Paul (1859-1943). Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Matheny, Deloris. Collection.California History
Mayer, H.M. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Mayer, Thomas (1927-). Collection.Political Science
Mazarinades Collection.Political Science
McCaskill, June (1930-2001). Papers.Plant Science
McClure, Joanna and Michael. Papers.Language and Literature
McConnell, John. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
McCorkle, Chester O. (1925- ). Papers.Agriculture
McCubbin, John C. (1863-1957). Papers.Apiculture
McDonald, Alex. Collection.Animal Science
McKenzie, Howard Lester (1910-1968). Collection.Entomology
McKevitt, Frank B. Papers.California History
McKinnon and Ruble Families Papers.California History
McLean, Winsor W. ScrapbookCalifornia History
McNeil, Katherine. Papers.Language and Literature
McPherson, Sandra. PapersLanguage and Literature
Mechling, Jay. CollectionCalifornia History
Medieval Association of the Pacific RecordsLanguage and Literature
Medieval Manuscripts Collection.Language and Literature
Meister and Bro. Archives.California History
Messetti, Henrique Vivian. Papers.Performing Arts
Meteorological Records Collection.Natural Resources
Mexican Land Grant. Collection.California History
Mielziner, Jo (1901-1976). Collection.Performing Arts
Miller and Lux, Inc. Archives.Animal Science
Miller, Loye (1874-1970). Typescripts.Natural Resources
Miller, Marion G. Papers 
Miller, Milton Albert (1907-2001). Zoology Illustration Collection.Animal Science
Miller, Milton D. (1911-1999) Papers.Agriculture
Miller, R. Bryan (1940-1998). Papers. 
Mining CollectionNatural Resources
Miscellaneous Manuscripts CollectionCalifornia History
Moffat, Margaret (1882-1942). Papers.Performing Arts
Mondavi, Robert G. PapersViticulture and Enology
Mondry, John J. Horticulture PhotographsPlant Science
Montgomery, John. Letters to Robert Frauenglas.Language and Literature
Moores, Eldridge M. (1938-). Papers.Natural Resources
Morris, Jane. Letters to Theodore Watts-Dunton.Language and Literature
Morrow, Dwight W., Jr. (1861-1954). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Moscow Art Theatre Collection.Performing Arts
Moser, Norman. Papers.Language and Literature
Moses, Benjamin Duncan (1882-1951). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Mosquito and Vector Control Association of California (MVCAC) RecordsEntomology
Movius, John. PapersViticulture and Enology
Mrak, Emil M. (1901-1987). Papers.Food Processing and Manufacture
Mudd and Mapes Families Papers.Agricultural Technology
Mullins, Michael G. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Munyon, Robert. Collection of the UC Davis Foundation, Board of Trustees minutes.California History
Murphy, George E. Collection.California History
Murray, Robert B. Collection.Performing Arts
Music Ephemera Collection.Performing Arts
Mussen, Eric C. Collection.Apiculture