Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with P

TitleAssigned Subject
Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen Collection.Agriculture
Paint and Varnish Ephemera Collection.Art and Architecture
Palmer Family Papers.Political Science
Panama Pacific International Exposition CollectionCalifornia History
Pantothenic Acid Patent Rights Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Park, Joe. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Parsons, Frank C. Papers.Agriculture
Partansky, Julie. Papers.California History
Pearl, Robert C. PapersFood Processing and Manufacture
Peattie, Noel. Papers.Language and Literature
Peck, Harold. Papers.California History
Performing Arts Photographs. Collection.Performing Arts
Peterson, Maurice L. Papers.Plant Science
Philip, Fayetta Harris (1881-1970). Papers.Language and Literature
Phillips, Edith H. (1891-1983). Collection.Plant Science
Photographs of the University of California, Davis Campus. Collection.California History
Piepgrass, Niels C. Collection.Agriculture
Pierce Family Papers.California History
Pioneer Reduction Company RecordsNatural Resources
Placide, Henry. Collection.Performing Arts
Plant, Forrest A., Sr. (1889-1933). Collection.California History
Playbills: International Collection.Performing Arts
Playbills: United States Collection.Performing Arts
Pohler, Henry Putnam. Collection. 
Polis, Gary A. Papers.Natural Resources
Political Button and Flyer Collection.Political Science
Pond, Gardner P. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Pony Express Centennial Association. Records.California History
Popper, Jan. Papers.Performing Arts
Poppino, Rollie E. Papers.Political Science
Porter, John Easton Photograph AlbumCalifornia History
Portraits of the Past Collection.California History
Poultry Producers of Central California Collection.Animal Science
Powell, William G. (1907-1971). Collection.Performing Arts
Power, Robert H. Collection.California History
Pratt Family Papers.California History
Priory of Woodchester. Collection.Language and Literature
Proebsting, Edward L. (1897-1985). Papers.Plant Science
Prokopovich, Nikola P. (1918-1999). Papers.Natural Resources
Prout, Timothy. Papers.Entomology
Public Health History of California Collection 
Putah Creek Council RecordsNatural Resources