Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with W

TitleAssigned Subject
W.B. Clarke & Co. Nursery RecordsPlant Science
Waggoner (W.W.) Papers Natural Resources
Wagner, D. R. Papers.Art and Architecture
Wagnon, Kenneth A. (1907- ). Collection.Animal Science
Wagstaff, Christopher. Collection.Language and Literature
Walker, Harry B. (1884-1957). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Walker, Harry O. Slide Collection.Natural Resources
Walker, Spinning, and Durrell Families PapersCalifornia History
Walrus & Carpenter Club Collection.California History
Walters, Richard Francis. Papers. 
Walters, Shipley. Papers.California History
Warde, Frederick B. (1851-1935). Collection.Performing Arts
Watkins, Lee H. (1908-1972). Collection.Apiculture
Webb, A. Dinsmoor (1917-2003). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Webb, Nancy. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Weber, Brom (1917-1998). Papers.Language and Literature
Webster, Grady L. (1927-2005). Papers.Plant Science
Weeks, David. PapersAgriculture
Weeth, Lois Weston. Collection on UC Davis HistoryCalifornia History
Weier, T. Elliot (1903-1991). Papers.Plant Science
Weslow, Jessie C. Papers.California History
West, Martha. Papers.Political Science
Western Independent Publishers Collection.Language and Literature
Western Machinery Company Archives.Agricultural Technology
Westgate, Warren A. (1904-1989). Collection.California History
Whalen, Philip. Correspondence.Language and Literature
Whitaker, Thomas W. PapersAgriculture
White, Ellis. Collection.Performing Arts
Wickson, Edward J. (1848-1923). Papers.Plant Science
Wiggins, Robert A. (1921-1989). Papers.Language and Literature
Wilcoxson, Jefferson. Papers.California History
Wiley, William T. (1937- ). Collection.Art and Architecture
Wilhelm, Stephen. Collection.Agriculture
Williams, Milo B. (1882-1954). Papers.Natural Resources
Williams, Tennessee (1911-1983). Papers.Performing Arts
Williamson, Alan Bacher. Papers.Language and Literature
Williamson, Joseph F. Papers.Plant Science
Willis, Peter. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Wilson, Virginia P. Papers.Language and Literature
Wilson, Virginia Perry Collection on Jesse StuartLanguage and Literature
Wine Industry Technical Seminars Archives.Viticulture and Enology
Wine Institute. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Wine Receipts. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Wines and Vines Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Winter, Samuel and Mary. Collection.Plant Science
Witkin, Bernard E. Collection.Language and Literature
Wolfskill Family CollectionCalifornia History
Woll, T.W. Papers.Animal Science
Wood, Douglas. Papers.Performing Arts
Wood, Jim. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Wood, William B. (1779-1861). Collection.Performing Arts
Woodcuts Collection.Art and Architecture
Wooden, Wesley. Papers.Animal Science
Woodland Opera House Collection.Performing Arts
Wordsworth, Dorothy (1771-1855). Collection.Language and Literature
World War I and II Ephemera Collection.Political Science
Wright, Celeste T. (1906-1999). Papers.Language and Literature