Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with F

TitleAssigned Subject
Faculty Reprint Collection.Language and Literature
Fahrner, Robert (1927-1995). Collection.Performing Arts
Fair Oaks Fruit Company. Archives.Food Processing and Manufacture
Fairbank, James P. Papers.Agriculture
Fairbank, W.C. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Farm Labor Training. Collection.Agriculture
Farmer Family. Diaries.California History
Farmer, David. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Farmers' Club of Sacramento. Archives.Agriculture
Farmers' Trade Union Records.Agriculture
Fazio, Victor Herbert (1942-). PapersPolitical Science
Federal Power Commission. Collection.Natural Resources
Federal Theatre Project Collection.Performing Arts
Feldman, Jay. PapersLanguage and Literature
Fermentation Technology. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Ferry-Morse Seed Co. Archives.Agriculture
Finch, Michael Cigar Label CollectionArt and Architecture
Finder, Leonard V. (1910-1969) Papers.Language and Literature
Fine Printing Collection.Art and Architecture
Finney, Ruth (1898-1979). Papers.Language and Literature
Firehouse Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Firestone Farm Guide Account BookAgriculture
Fisch, Richard M. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Fisher Family Correspondence.California History
Fiske, Emmett P. PapersAgriculture
Fitzhugh, E. Lee. Papers.Animal Science
Flavell, M. Kay (1943-) Collection.Language and Literature
Fletcher, Robert. Papers.California History
Fong, Mary. Collection.Art and Architecture
Foot, Isaac (1880-1960). Collection.Language and Literature
Forbes, Jack D. (1934-2011). Collection.Ethnic Studies
Forbes, James. PapersPerforming Arts
Fowler, Herbert G. (1873-1960) Papers.Political Science
Fowler, Murray E. PapersAnimal Science
Frazier, Norman. (1907-2001). Papers.Entomology
Freeborn, Stanley Barron (1891-1960). Papers.Entomology
Freeman, Sanford and Barbara. Collection of Henrique Vivian Messetti Materials.Performing Arts
French Revolution Collection.Political Science
Fried, Juan. Wine Label Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Friedrich, Edwin. Papers 
Fruit Growers Association By-Laws. Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture