Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with L

TitleAssigned Subject
L'Amour, Lynette and Sidiku. Collection.Language and Literature
Laben, Robert. Collection.Animal Science
Laidlaw, Harry Hyde (1907-2003). Papers.Apiculture
Lammerts, Walter E. (1904-1996). Papers.Plant Science
Lang, Norma J. PapersPlant Science
Lange, William Harry (1912-2004). Papers.Entomology
Larkey, Joann Leach. Papers.California History
Lavoipierre, Michel Marie Joseph. PhotographsEntomology
Learn, Elmer W. Reports and Speeches.Political Science
Lebaustri French Enology Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Lee, Chol Soo. CollectionEthnic Studies
Lee, K.W. Papers.Ethnic Studies
Lee, Lawrence Bacon (1917-2003). CorrespondencePolitical Science
Lee, William H. Oral History Recording.Ethnic Studies
Leffingwell, Randy (1948-). Papers.Agricultural Technology
Leigh, John H. (1858-1934). Papers.Performing Arts
Lemert, Edwin McCarthy (1912-1996). Papers.Political Science
Leong, Thomas. PapersViticulture and Enology
Leslie, Alan and Fanny. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Lewis Family PapersCalifornia History
Lewis, Michael (1936-). Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Li, Jon. Collection.California History
Liberty Farms Company Archives.Agriculture
Liddell-Hart, Basil H. (1895-1970). Papers.Political Science
Lindeman, Jeffrey. CollectionPerforming Arts
Lindley Family Papers.California History
Lithographs of Engravings. Collection.Art and Architecture
Little Leather Library Collection.Language and Literature
Living Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Lloyd, Wylie E. Papers.Natural Resources
Lo, Jung-pang (1912-1981). Papers.Political Science
Lockhart, Robert. Collection.California History
Lofland, John. Papers on the Unification Church.Political Science
Lofland, John. Papers.Political Science
Loney, Glenn M. (1928- ). Papers.Performing Arts
Long, James Dewey. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Loomis, Edmond C. Papers.Entomology
Lott, Dale F. (1933-2004). Papers.Animal Science
Lovelace, Billie. Collection.California History
Lownsbery, Benjamin Ferris (1920-2000). Papers.Plant Science
Lug Label Collection.Art and Architecture
Luh, Bor Shiun. ReprintsFood Processing and Manufacture
Lust, Geraldine. Papers.Performing Arts