Manuscript Collections
Collection Titles Beginning with S

TitleAssigned Subject
Sacramento Book Collectors Club Collection.Language and Literature
Sacramento Muncipal Utility District. Collection.Natural Resources
Sacramento Union Newspaper. Archives.California History
Sakaki, Nanao. Collection.Language and Literature
San Buenaventura, Steffi (1941-2002). Papers.Ethnic Studies
San Francisco Ballad Slips and Song Sheets Collection.Language and Literature
San Francisco Mime Troupe Archives.Performing Arts
San Francisco Oracle Archives.Language and Literature
Sanfield, Steven H. (1937-2015). Papers.Language and Literature
Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation RecordsPlant Science
Sarlos, Robert K. (1931-2008). Papers.Performing Arts
Sarna-Wojcicki, Matthew. Cycling Periodicals Collection. 
Satterlee, Charles E. Papers.Art and Architecture
Save the Redwoods League. Archives.Natural Resources
Scenes of England and Wales Collection.Art and Architecture
Schacht, Henry M. (1916-2011). Papers.Agriculture
Schack, Paul. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Schaefer, Norman. Papers.Language and Literature
Schafer, Jack. Collection.Agricultural Technology
Scheuring, Ann F. (1937- ). Papers.Agriculture
Schmeiser Collection.California History
Schmidt, Leon H. Collection.Animal Science
Schneeman, Barbara O. PapersFood Processing and Manufacture
Schneeman, Charles E., Jr. Papers.Art and Architecture
Schoenstedt, Walter (1909-). Papers.Language and Literature
Schutt, Ellen Isham. Pomological Watercolors.Art and Architecture
Schwab, Richard. Papers.Language and Literature
Scott, Sidelle. Artists booksArt and Architecture
Searls Family PapersCalifornia History
Shaffer, Jack. Collection of Cooperatives Materials. 
Shank, David. Papers.Agriculture
Shapiro, Daniel (1920-1982). PapersArt and Architecture
Sheet Music. Collection.Performing Arts
Sherwood, Morgan B. Papers.Political Science
Shideler, James H. (1914-1998). Collection.Agriculture
Shields, Peter J. (1862-1962). Collection.California History
Shragge, Elaine. Papers.Performing Arts
Silverman, Joseph H. (1924-1989). Collection.Language and Literature
Simmons, Marie. Collection.California History
Singleton, Vernon L. Papers.Viticulture and Enology
Sipapu Archives.Language and Literature
Sixteenth Century Bible Leaves Collection.Language and Literature
Slagle, Al Logan. (1950-2002). Collection.Ethnic Studies
Slater, Colby E. "Babe." CollectionCalifornia History
Smith, Alfred F. (1919-2008). PapersCalifornia History
Smith, Leslie M. (1903-1976). Papers.Entomology
Smith, Michael P. PapersPolitical Science
Smith, Milo B. Papers.California History
Smith, Waddell F. Papers.California History
Smith, William Henry Sedley. (1806-1872). Sides.Performing Arts
Smith, Wilson (1922- ). Papers.Political Science
Snyder, Gary S. (1930- ). Papers.Language and Literature
Snyder, Gary. Letters to Cid Corman.Language and Literature
Snyder, James. Collection.Ethnic Studies
Society of Automotive Engineers Collection.Agricultural Technology
Soltero, Emilio. Papers.Art and Architecture
Special Libraries Association. Sierra Nevada Chapter. Records.California History
Spencer, Howard O. Correspondence 
Spicer, James and Morris Ploscowe. Collection.Performing Arts
Spieker, Warren E., Jr. Collection of Oral Histories of Waterfowl HuntersAnimal Science
Spreckels Sugar Company Collection.Food Processing and Manufacture
Squaring the Circle Collection.Performing Arts
Squat Theatre Archives.Performing Arts
Stafford, Eugene M. (1910-1980). Correspondence.Entomology
Stebbins, George Ledyard (1906-2000). Papers.Plant Science
Steiner, Howard. (1897- ). Collection.Agricultural Technology
Steinmetz, Andrew (1816-1877). Papers.Language and Literature
Stevens, James. Collection.Political Science
Stewart, John Innes Mackintosh. CollectionLanguage and Literature
Stewart, M.A. Papers.Entomology
Stilson, Charles L. PapersCalifornia History
Stirniman, E. J. Papers.Agricultural Technology
Stones, Margaret. Watercolors.Art and Architecture
Storer, Tracy I. (1889-1973) Papers.Animal Science
Stout, Perry R. (1909-1975). Papers.Plant Science
Stowell, Robert E. (Robert Eugene), 1914-2011. Papers. 
Stumpf, Paul K. Slides of the University of California, Davis and Davis, California.California History
Styles, Florence H. Papers.California History
Sullivan, Charles L. Collection.Viticulture and Enology
Summers, Francis Marion (1906-1994). Correspondence.Entomology
Sunshine Farm Dairy. Archives.Agriculture
Sutherland, Howard Vigne. Papers.Performing Arts
Sutter Basin Company RecordsCalifornia History
Sutter Buttes Oral History CollectionCalifornia History
Sutter, John Augustus (1803-1880). Papers.California History
Swift, Dorothy. Papers.Language and Literature
Swift, Richard (1927-2003). Papers.Performing Arts