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The Ground Beneath Our Feet:

The Nikola P. Prokopovich Papers on Land Subsidence

Four examples of subsidence

Four examples of subsidence

  1. Karst sink developed during filling of the Anchor Reservoir on Owl Creek, Wyoming, U.S.A. Collapse into a pre-existing cavity in dolomite occurred in 1961 and was an acceleration of a natural process. “X” marks a bulldozer tractor. Courtesy of K. D. Hahn.
  2. Subsidence sink made by an underground nuclear explosion. Courtesy of U.S.A.E.C.
  3. Subsidence in peat. Old barn built at the ground level on piles became “elevated” due to compaction of peat within the piling depth. Holland Tract, Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta, California, U.S.A, 1959. Courtesy of State of California, Department of Water Resources.
  4. Subsidence due to withdrawal of crude oil and natural gas. Pier No. 1, Long Beach, Los Angeles Metropolitan area, California, U.S.A. Water level in the harbor is above the “dry land” protected by walls. Retaining walls under construction; existing walls are almost overflooded. February 1958. U.S. Navy Photograph.

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