Documenting the Undocumented: Immigrant Voices of Past and Present

May 8 - Sep 22, 2019

Shields Library Lobby - Entrance

Beyond merely showcasing immigrant narratives and minority perspectives, the books in this exhibition encourage first- and second-generation students at UC Davis to become part of a social and intellectual movement that empowers and humanizes their communities’ experiences.

Student Services

Roberto C. Delgadillo

Student Services Librarian

Gain a deeper understanding of the economic, socio-political, legislative and historical factors that have impacted — and continue to define — undocumented immigrants in the United States and around the world. Download our online bibliography for the exhibit, which includes:

  • Primary Sources
    • Fiction
    • Correspondence/Essays/Testimonios
    • Interviews
    • Arts
    • Music
    • Pictorial Works
    • Poetry
    • Comics/Graphic Memoirs
    • Collective/Personal Narratives
    • Documentary/Feature (Fictional) Films
    • Stage Plays
  • Secondary Sources
    • Monographs
    • Dissertations
    • Book Chapters
    • Peer-Reviewed Articles
  • Tertiary Sources
  • Online Resources/Projects/Collections
  • Bibliographical/Book Review Databases/Indices
  • Forthcoming

Exhibit and accompanying online bibliography prepared by Roberto C. Delgadillo, Research Support Services Librarian, Peter J. Shields Library, (530) 752-8266,