LGBTQIA+ Virtual Resource Exhibit 2021

Online Exhibit

In honor of LGBTQ+ History Month and Coming Out Day on October 11, several LGBTQ+ groups across UC Davis have come together to bring you a virtual book display of e-books and multimedia that highlight a spectrum of queer and trans stories.

This selection of e-books and multimedia collections highlight the myriad of intersections within queer and trans communities. While we have not covered every corner of these communities, we have made our best effort to include many of these intersections. Our collections cover topics such as health inequities, transgender/genderqueer histories, and the intersection of queerness with religion, feminism, and disability — all while highlighting a wide variety of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities.

Please use this virtual exhibit as a resource for learning, growing and supporting the queer and trans communities at UC Davis.

History of the Exhibit

The LGBTQ+ book exhibit at Blaisdell Medical Library started in 2017 with a physical book display welcoming all to learn more about the queer and trans community. The original display was organized by Shea Hazarian, Paul David Terry, and Amy Studer as part of the UC Davis Improving OUTcomes Conference. It included an interactive component with a coloring meditation area along with the book display. It was also paired with a virtual book display, which we are continuing this year.

This virtual exhibit is a collaborative effort by Blaisdell Medical Library/UC Davis Library, the Chancellor’s Committee on LGBTQIA+ Communities, the Cal Aggie Lambda Alumni Association, the UC Davis Health PRIDE Employee Resource Group, the Vice Chancellor and Dean’s LGBTQ+ Health Advisory Council and the UC Davis LGBTQIA+ Resource Center.

Blaisdell Medical Library

in collaboration with: Chancellor's Committee on LGBTQIA+ Communities, The Cal Aggie Lambda Alumni Association, the UC Davis Health PRIDE resource group, the Vice Chancellor, and Dean's LGBTQ+ Health Advisory Council and the LGBTQIA+ Resource Center.

Virtual Exhibit for October 2021