The Aggie Spirit: Chronicling Student Life Through the University Archives

Apr 6 - Dec 10, 2018

Shields Library Lobby - Special Collections

The “Aggie Spirit” is a term that emerged in the early days of UC Davis, when it was still the University Farm, to describe the particular character of our school pride and identity. This exhibit celebrates that spirit of warmth, optimism, friendliness, cooperation and charity, and the traditions and quirks that make our campus unique.

Archives and Special Collections

Kevin Miller

Head of Archives and Special Collections & University Archivist

Experience UC Davis in a whole new way through this exhibition of historic photographs, yearbooks, artifacts and documents from the University Archives (a part of the library’s Special Collections) which highlight six areas of student life on campus:

  • Academics
  • Student Traditions and Activities, such as Picnic Day and Pajamarino
  • Sports and the Band
  • Housing and Campus Life
  • Transportation
  • Fashion

And, naturally, bikes. Lots of bikes.