PLS 12 Sp 2018 Course Guide

by Leyla R Cabugos – September 17, 2018

This guide will help you find resources for the completion of your research assignment, and beyond. Leyla is happy to help any time you have questions.



Leyla Cabugos

Research Support Services
Researcher Services Librarian


In this Guide:

Access VPN
Connect to UCD Library resources from your own computer or from off-campus

Contact your Librarian

Leyla Cabugos, plant sciences subject specialist.

Axel Borg, post-harvest agriculture subject specialist.

Drop-in Classes

Pick up library research skills in focused workshops throughout the academic year.

Citation Guides

For this course, you are asked to use the Council of Science Editors (CSE) Name-Year format.

What is peer review?

Click here to watch a 2 min video describing the peer review process

How to tell if a source is peer reviewed

Look for limits/filters

Many databases allow you to specify that you want to search only in “peer reviewed” or “refereed” sources.

Visit the journal’s webpage

Search online for your journal’s title. Sections like “about this journal” or “editorial policies” generally mention whether the journal is peer reviewed/refereed.

Check a directory 

Use the Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory to find key information about a journal, including whether it has a peer review process.


Oxford Bibliographies Online

Research guides developed cooperatively with scholars and librarians worldwide, that provide an overview of a subject and list of key literature.

Google Scholar

If there is a record of a journal article on the open internet, you can use Google Scholar to find it. Accessing the article may require you to go through your library subscription, or to find a physical copy in the library.

You can access library licensed articles directly in Google Scholar if you configure your Google Scholar settings to work with our library subscriptions.

Open your Google Scholar settings, and choose “Library Links” from the menu bar.

Search for and select the following:

California Digital Library – Select California Digital Library – UC-eLinks

University of California, Davis– Select UCD-eLinks

You should see the following:


UCD Library Catalog

Search Catalog for items held in the UC Davis Library.  This includes  books and ebooks, journals, maps, government documents, films, musical scores, manuscripts and photos.  Start with Advanced Search, and use Browse Search to see resources organized by subject.

All UC Libraries Catalog (Melvyl) 

Search physical resources (e.g. print books) held by any UC campus.  You can have material from any campus sent to you by placing an Interlibrary Loan request.


Understanding the Call Numbers

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