ANS 002: Introduction to Animal Science

by Ruth Gustafson, Melinda M. Livas, Erik Davis Fausak, Leyla R Cabugos – March 30, 2020

INSTRUCTOR: Elizabeth Maga —

UC Davis has the most extensive organismal animal research library collections in the University of California Library system. The UCD libraries support the UCD departments of:
  • Animal Science;
  • Entomology & Nematology;
  • Evolution & Ecology;
  • Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology

as well as the only School of Veterinary Medicine in the University of California. Graduate level collections also support the Center for Population Biology, and graduate programs in Animal Behavior, Animal Biology, and Avian Sciences.

The library collections supporting Animal Science areas are comprehensive and extensive (having been built for more than 100 years) and global in its scope.

Ruth Gustafson

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In this Guide:

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Description of Parts

Note that each part has two questions for a total of 6 questions covering the entire library session

Part I:    Tour of the library website including VPN

Part II:  Library Guides including Subject Guides and getting to ANS 2 Library Course Guide; using the UCD Library Catalog

Part III:  Searching the CAB Abstracts (Ovid version) database; using CAB Database PDFs; using UCD-eLinks

Please evaluate this Library presentation at:

Searching in a library catalog requires looking for broader topics such as domesticated animal behavior or farm animal behavior rather than the more specific pre-natal maternal behavior in cattle.   Useful subject searches by type of animal include cattle reproduction or  sheep reproduction or cattle behavior or sheep behavior etc.

  • UC Davis Library Catalog
    Replacing Harvest on August 18, 2016, the new UC Davis Library Catalog includes the collections of all four UC Davis General Libraries. It does not include the holdings of the Law Library. If you log in (My Account) using your UCD login and Kerberos passphrase, you are prompted with your loan period, can renew books online, and request items that have been checked out to another borrower, or are in storage.
  • COURSE RESERVES – 4 copies of textbook are on TWO-HOUR checkout                                                                                                                                                                         Introduction to animal science : global, biological, social, and industry perspectives.  Damron, W. Stephen, author.  2018.  Edition: Sixth edition.
    Course Info: ANS-002 ; ANS ; MAGA, ELIZABETH A.
    Shields Library Course Reserves SF61 .D36 2018
  • Understanding Call Numbers

    Author: Library Instruction Services, Shields Library

    The Library of Congress Classification is used for all of the UCD libraries except the health sciences libraries (which use NLM — National Library of Medicine — classification). Learn about how books are arranged in the UCD libraries with this guide.

    Date: 2004

    DOMESTICATED ANIMAL CALL NUMBERS (All in SF area except for fish):

    SF 195 – SF 275   Cattle

    SF 371 – SF 379   Sheep

    SF 380 – SF 388  Goats

    SF 391 – SF 397   Pigs

    SF 756.7   Domesticated/Farm Animal Behavior

Subject Guides

There is a subject guide matching nearly every department at the UC Davis campus.  Find the Subject Guide which best matches your major!  This browsable list is organized by broad disciplinary categories:  General & Multidisciplinary Resources; Agricultural & Environmental Sciences; Arts & Humanities; Biological Sciences; Engineering & Transportation; Government Information; Health Sciences; Physical Sciences; and Social Sciences.

Searching library literature databases often requires including synonymous terms, if there is not a specific subject or thesaurus term from your database.  Build your search strategy by incorporating your appropriate synonyms as shown by the examples below.


Concept A Concept B Concept C Concept D Concept D Concept E
pre-natal post-natal maternal young behav* cattle
pre-birth post-birth mother newborn etholog* cow
? ? ? ? ? ?


  • Combine your synonyms with OR,  such as: maternal OR mother OR dam ….
  • Concepts that you wish to cross or intersect, combine using AND, such as: post-natal AND maternal AND cattle AND behavior  {all words required}
  • MORE than one spelling possibility or want to pick up plurals?   Use a wildcard, such as the asterisk (*) at the end of words …(this same wildcard is used in CAB Abstracts and BIOSIS Previews and PsycINFO)    partur* AND maternal AND cattle*  AND behav*

Peer Review

A process through which manuscripts submitted to a journal are evaluated for quality — by one or more subject experts in addition to the editor — before being accepted for publication.

ProQuest article databases (such as PsycINFO) include a checkbox to limit to “Peer Reviewed” articles. For journals retrieved from other databases, use the online Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory to locate your journal and then look for the black and white striped  symbol or referee shirt  Refereed  indicating the publication is “Refereed” or peer-reviewed.

  • Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory  Icon

    The standard source for information on virtually every active and ceased periodical, annual, irregular publication, and monographic series published throughout the world (plus thousands of newspapers). Indicates whether a publication is a refereed (peer-reviewed) title.

    NOTE: search by journal title, NOT article title. Ulrich’s provides information on the entire publication (journal, magazine, newspaper, annual review) NOT on the work within.