Atmospheric Science

by Alesia McManus – April 6, 2020

Welcome to the UC Davis Library subject guide for atmospheric science. This guide provides links to key information resources in air quality, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, and climate dynamics.


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In this Guide:

This database covers over 600 journals, as well as books & conference proceedings, on meteorology, climatology, air pollution, astrophysics, atmospheric chemistry & physics, physical oceanography, hydrology, glaciology, and weather forecasting, from 1950s to present.

Scholarly journals, books, and proceedings in the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Navigate the full citation network.

NASA is using PubMed Central to preserve and provide access to peer-reviewed papers resulting from NASA-funded research.


Inspec provides engineering research information on physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computers and control, mechanical, production engineering, information technology and more.
The Earth, Atmospheric & Aquatic Science Database includes Oceanic Abstracts and Meteorological & Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA). Search specialized references and resources studying the critical issues affecting Earth’s air, land, and water environments.


Large interdisciplinary abstract and citation database to academic journal literature, conference proceedings and books with broad coverage across the sciences and social sciences, includes citation tracking tools.
Coverage: full coverage from 1996-present, with selected coverage as far back as 1823
Tags: Art, Biology, Humanities, Multidisciplinary, Science, Social Science
Related links:
"The most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses in the world", according to the publisher.
Coverage: 1861-present
Tags: Multidisciplinary

Will you be starting a project from scratch that will require your attention for months, even years OR are you continuing a project started by somebody else?

The Data Management Program is here to help make both of these situations less painful. We can help you with

  • Organization: keep track of your files so that you know what is in them
  • Consistent data entry: design data collection forms in such a way that everybody doing the same experiment records the results the same way every time
  • Database structure: move from unwieldy spreadsheets to databases
  • GIS and maps: consult with our GIS expert on all stages of a project that includes geospatial data, from planning to creating interactive maps.
  • Finding data: not all data sharing portals are obvious, and we can help with that.
  • Cleaning data: stop doing repetitive copy/paste; check out some of our workshops to find a better way
  • Getting credit for data: get your dataset noticed and cited by placing it in the right data repository
  • Note: many funding agencies require that you provide open access to your data!

For more information, visit our website or contact us at

International Geophysics book series

Latest volumes are online, earlier are in print

SIAM E-books in Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences

SIAM is the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Science Direct Books in Atmospheric Science
Springer E-Books

Includes more than 60,000 titles in English (and selectively in German) from every scientific discipline and many social sciences. This online interface enables all books to be searchable at the full-text level. New books are added monthly.

Coverage: 2005-2017

The Atmospheric Chemist's Companion

Numerical data for use in the atmospheric sciences

Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences
Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments
Encyclopedia of Remote Sensing
Encyclopedia of World Climatology
Meteorological Measurements and Instrumentation

Describes the fundamental scientific principles underlying high quality instrumentation used for environmental measurements.  Includes Climate Data Online

Treatise on Geochemistry

US drought portal

Global Historical Climatology Network

An integrated database of climate summaries from land surface stations across the globe.

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information

Archive of environmental data including atmospheric, coastal, oceanic, and geophysical data

UC Davis Weather & Climate Stations
Western Regional Climate Center

Disseminates climate data and information for the western United States and is a repository for historical climate data and information

Western United States Historical Climate Summaries

From the Western Regional Climate Center