BIPOC collections in Archives and Special Collections

by Christine Cheng – August 10, 2021

Welcome! This list serves as a guide to archival collections created by black, indigenous, and people of color that are relevant to the subject areas in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. This list will be continually edited and updated.

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Christine Cheng

Special Collections
Instruction & Outreach Librarian


In this Guide:

Koda Family Papers, 1930-1970

  • The Koda Family is an important Japanese and Japanese American family that owned and operated Koda Farms. The business helped to pioneer growing techniques in the rice industry including sowing seed with airplanes. Keisaburo Koda was the founder of the present day Koda Farms. He was born in 1882 in Ogawa, Japan. Due to his success he was widely known amongst Japanese Americans as the “rice king.” During World War II the family was placed in Jerome Relocation Center in Arkansas and at the end of the war transferred to the Granada Relocation Center in Colorado. The company was managed by strangers, until the family was released and able to come back to claim their business. Keisaburo’s sons, Edward and William “Bill,” took over building the business in the post war years, becoming the first commercial growers of sweet rice marketing Sho-Chiku-Bai Sweet Rice and Mochiko Blue Star Brand Sweet Rice Flour. They also developed a unique variety of rice called Kokuho Rose. In 1977 Bill Koda sold his share of the business to his brother Edward and was no longer involved in the Koda Family Farm. Today Koda Farm is operated by Edward Koda’s direct descendants. The Koda Family Papers are the papers of Bill Koda and his wife, Jean (Morimoto) Koda.

Frank X. Ogasawara Papers, 1940-2000

  • Dr. Ogasawara was a professor in the Dept. of Poultry Husbandry and Department of Avian Sciences (1959-1983) at the University of California, Davis. He pioneered research on artificial insemination in turkeys and he was a founder of the Raptor Center on campus. The papers contain correspondence and publications by Ogasawara.

Manuel A. Machado Papers, 1950-1980

  • Manuel Machado served as Professor of History, University of Montana and is the author of Aftosa: a Historical Survey of Hoof-and-Mouth Disease and Inter-American Relations (1969). The collection contains reprints, reports, and correspondence concerning the problem of hoof and mouth disease in cattle.

Bor Shiun Luh Reprints, 1951-1996

  • Bor S. Luh was a Food Technologist in the Experiment Station, Step VI, and served as a Lecturer in Food Science at UC Davis. He played a major role in developing modern food technology in California, the United States, and 26 other countries. This collection contains reprints of Luh’s writings on food processing.

Kenneth K. Tanji Papers, 1969-2007

  • Kenneth Kazuo Tanji was Professor of Hydrology, University of California, Davis (1972-1998). Faculty papers containing slides, committee minutes, research notes, and class materials relating to Tanji’s research on water issues, including a project to address selenium contamination that poisoned wildlife at Kesterson Reservoir.

Isao Fujimoto Papers, 1960-2015

  • Isao Fujimoto (1933-) is Senior Lecturer Emeritus of Asian American Studies and the UC Davis Graduate Program in Community Development. He joined UC Davis in 1967 as a founding member of the community development program and later was a founding member of the Asian American Studies program. His papers include correspondence, personal journals, and publications related to farm worker and immigrant rights, development of the Northern California food movement, green technology, and community and rural development.

Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher Papers, 1998-2009

  • Award-winning journalists Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher have been exploring wine together for more than thirty years. In 1998, Gaiter and Brecher decided to integrate wine writing into their professional lives. At the time, both were working for the Wall Street Journal: Brecher was the newspaper’s page-one editor and Gaiter was a news editor covering race and urban issues. Their wine column “Tastings” ran as part of a new weekend section in the Wall Street Journal and quickly became a success. Gaiter and Brecher wrote in an approachable, engaging way. This collection documents the couple’s career in wine writing from 1998-2009. It includes forty-four albums of labels and tasting notes related to the Wall Street Journal column “Tastings” (1998-2009), select pieces of art, publication materials, notes, assorted news stories and clippings, and materials related to their books The Wall Street Journal Guide to Wine (1999), The Wall Street Journal Guide to Wine: New and Improved (2002), Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes From a Marriage (2002), and Wine for Every Occasion: Red, White and Bubbly to Celebrate the Joy of Living (2004). Also included are letters from readers, recordings of their television appearances, materials related to Open That Bottle Night, and born-digital materials including email correspondence and article drafts.

Thomas Leong Papers, 1950-1971

  • Thomas Leong (1920-circa 1975) was a chemist, distiller, and winemaker. This collection includes Leong’s correspondence and reports related to distillation, winemaking, and production in California and South America.