by Bonnie Hain-Anderson, Bonnie Hain-Anderson — February 22, 2017
by Bonnie Hain-Anderson, Bonnie Hain-Anderson — February 22, 2017

Place a Booking request to guarantee that needed videos and other media are available on the days needed for classroom viewing and preparation.  When on Course Reserves, only the instructor and TAs for the course may book these items.

Extended loan times of up to two weeks are available to the course instructor or TA only.

In this Guide:

  1. To book a media item, go to Library Search
  2. Click Sign in to to authenticate via your UC Davis Login
  3. Search the Library Catalog for the item that you would like to book
  4. Click Availability to view item information and request the item
  5. Once you’ve located the correct item, click Request to place your booking
  6. Click Booking
  7. Enter the Start and End Time (date and time) of the booking: This is the window of time during which you will pick up the media item; this window can be no longer than 1 week and should be kept as short as possible to maximize access for others
  8. Click Request to submit the booking.
  • Booking requests may be picked up at the Shields Library Circulation Desk.  Booked items are not pulled from the shelf until the requester arrives at the library.
  • Notify library staff at the time of pick-up of the loan period needed. Booked items may be borrowed for up to two weeks.
  • Occasionally, material is lost or damaged.  If the library is aware such an issue in advance, library staff will make every effort to notify the requester.
  • If needed, media viewing equipment is available in Lab 163, Shields Library.