by Amy Studer – February 2, 2022

BrowZine is a web-based “journal engagement” platform and mobile app that enables library users to quickly find, easily follow, and directly access the library’s licensed e-journals on any device. BrowZine visually presents the library’s e-journals in a browsable and readable format with seamless synchronization across devices.

Browse scholarly journals available from the UC Davis Library on your mobile device (both iOS and Android) or via the Web using BrowZine.

Amy Studer

Health Sciences Librarian


In this Guide:

BrowZine allows you to browse scholarly journals available from the UC Davis Library or from open sources on your mobile device (iOS, Android) or via the Web. See current system requirements.

  • Access thousands of scholarly journals anywhere you have WiFi access.
  • View complete issues of journals including the table of contents.
  • Create a personal library of up to 64 favorite journals for easy access on your BrowZine interface.
  • Be alerted when a new issue of a journal is published.
  • Save articles on your mobile device to read later even when you are offline.
  • Download BrowZine articles to DropBox, Mendeley, RefWorks, EndNote, Zotero, Papers, and other services to help keep all of your information together in one place.


To view library licensed full-text articles (pdfs) via BrowZine while off-campus or on the campus guest wifi network, users must be logged onto the Library VPN (Pulse Secure) or the UCDH Cisco AnyConnect VPN. See Access VPN for details.

Getting Started With BrowZine Video

Getting started: web app

BrowZine using a web browser

1. Open your favorite web browser.
2. Go to
3. Click Choose My Library
4. Select University of California Davis.
5. Go to Settings.
6. Under BrowZine Account, click Login. 
7. Click Sign up to create an account.
8. Browse journals by clicking BrowZine Library, or search for journal by title, subject, or ISSN.  Add journals to your bookshelf by clicking on a journal, then clicking Add To My Bookshelf.


Getting Started: mobile app

Browzine App for smartphones/tablets

1. Download the free BrowZine app by going to the app store for your device and search for “browzine.”
2. Select University of California Davis from the library list.
3. You will be prompted to log in with the account you created in the Browzine web app.  If you use BrowZine from off campus, you will be prompted to authenticate.

Why use BrowZine?

  • Keep up to date on current research in your discipline without having to carry around paper journals or track publications individually online.
  • Get an overview of current research available in the journal format including articles you might miss using a focused online search.
  • Enjoy the freedom of access to scholarly journals on a mobile device.

When to use other resources

  • When you want to do in depth research.  The BrowZine interface only displays recent issues of journals and it does not include a function for searching within or across journals.
  • When an online scholarly journal is not yet accessible via BrowZine. BrowZine currently has agreements with a wide range of scholarly publishers but not necessarily all that provide journals available online at UC Davis.
  • When you want to do light reading. BrowZine only includes scholarly journals and not popular magazines or newspapers.
  • When a journal is not yet available in an online format.  Many disciplines have publications that are only available in print.