Cards and Costs

by Bonnie Hain-Anderson – November 17, 2021

All users will need a Student ID card or Repro Graphics copy card to use these devices. Any use of these devices incurs a cost and does not count towards a student’s campus printing allotment. Users wishing to use their campus printing allotment will need to print at a campus IET computer lab.

In this Guide:

Users using their Student ID card to print, copy, or scan will have their usage tracked and their student account will be billed at the end of the each term.  There is a minimum charge of $5.00 per billing but, if actual usage is less than $5.00, the difference will be carried over to the next billing period as a credit.

Repro Graphics cards can be purchased from a vending machine at any library location. Cards may be purchased with cash only; no credit cards or coins are accepted. Change is not given. $.50 of the initial purchase price is deducted to pay for the card itself. Cards are initially dispensed with only $.50 value; follow the directions on the front of the vending machines carefully to make certain any remaining amount paid is credited onto the copy card.

If you fail to add the remaining value onto the card before the purchase times out, you will need to contact Repro Graphics at to request a credit. Credits can take several days to process.

Additional value may be added to Repro Graphics cards at any of the vending machines that dispense copy cards.  Follow the directions on the front of the vending machines carefully.


Lost or damaged Student ID cards must be replaced at the AggieCard Office located in 253 Memorial Union.  Lost or damaged Repro Graphics cards may be replaced by contacting Repro Graphics at (530) 754-2127 or Users will need to provide the ID number of the lost or damaged card in order to transfer any remaining value from the old card onto the new card.

Black and white copy/print $.20/impression for 11×17
Color copy/print $.50/impression for 11×17
Double-sided copy/print Charged as two impressions

*Printing of microformats is supported on microform readers devices only.  See Space and Equipment for more information.