by IOWG, Amy Bush — October 22, 2019
by IOWG, Amy Bush — October 22, 2019

CHI 65 – Video Research Project

by IOWG, Amy Bush – October 22, 2019

This guide is designed to help you with your group video project.


Instructional Objects Working Group

In this Guide:

If you need additional research or video production assistance, take advantage of these options:

Research Help: Roberto Delgadillo

Video Production Help: Erik Fausak or Melinda Livas


Thoroughly prepare before you begin recording.

Prepare by: 
Find Information SourcesLibrary Subject Guides:
1. Chicana/o Studies
2. Film & Media Studies
Find VisualsImages & Documentaries
Write a ScriptWrite out the script of what you want to say in your video.
Create a Story BoardDraw quick sketches that convey what will happen visually for each section of your script.

There are many considerations and best practices to video production.

  1. Determine appropriate software.
  2. Speed: Don’t speak too quickly & make sure your words are clear.
  3. Sound: Volume, clarity, background noise.
  4. Length: 3-5 minutes
  5. Introduction, Transitions & Ending: Titles, subtitles, (Can include opening/closing slides)
  6. Visuals: Make sure visuals are clear and convey what is being said. Use visual cues or effects to draw attention to important content.
  7. As a group, review for accuracy and clarity.



  • Create free screencasts (up to 15 min. in length)
  • Web-based- Create a free account



Screen Capture:

  • Create free editable images
  • Create free screencasts (up to 5 minutes in length)



  • Free Apple video editor for Mac or iOS device.





  • Free Audio editor and recorder