Chinese Databases: Temporary Access During Covid-19 Restrictions

by Daniel Goldstein – July 6, 2020

The producers of  more than 50 Chinese databases have generously provided UC with temporary, (new or expanded) access during the crisis.  Most are available until the end of June.  Most are in Chinese, a few of the news and historical resources are in English.

Please fill out this survey (one per database) to let us know what you think of them. If any will be of long-term use for campus teaching and research we can investigate licensing those you regard as most important.

Library Resource Trial Survey

By filling out this survey you agree to share your opinions with the Library for planning purposes. Your responses will not be shared with the public or with the publishers of the resources. They will be kept for internal library use. We may reach out to you about your participation in this survey and your experience with the trial resource.

VPN required for remote access.

Write to me with any questions or access issues.

Please check back: more databases will be added as they become available.

Daniel Goldstein

Research Support
Researcher Services Librarian


In this Guide:


China Core Newspapers Database 中国重要报纸全文数据库
Full texts of 643 Chinese newspapers in China published since 2000.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


udndata 聯合報系全文報紙資料庫 (1951-)
Full text Newspapers: United Daily News (1951-); Economic Daily News (1967-); United Evening News(1988-);World News America (2000-);Min Sheng Daily (1978-2006); Star News (1999-2006); Europe Daily (2000-2009); Upaper (2007-2018).
Available Until: 6/30/2020


The Current Digest of The Chinese Press
Each week, The Current Digest of the Chinese Press presents the reader with a digestible collection of Chinese press materials, all in English. 2011-2020
Available Until: July 31, 2020


China TV News Database
Streaming media, text Recent and current TV news in 13 categories on China’s politics, economy, society, culture, diplomacy, military affairs, science and technology, etc. from 200+ TV stations at central and local level.
Available Until: 6/30/2020
Note: Access routed through UC Berkeley for all UC campuses.


China Digital Library 中华数字书苑
Book, newspaper, yearbook, reference, etc.  Full texts of academic e-books published by nearly 300 Taiwan publishers in humanities, social sciences, and business management, 500 newspapers,  6,000 yearbooks, and 350,000 images.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Reference Database 中国工具书网络出版总库
Full texts of 11,000+ dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, atlas, and chronicles with 22+ million entries and 3 million images


Academic Reference 中国英文资源整合平台
Academic Reference is designed to provide a one-stop search and discovery platform of China academic development, current research hotspots, and social culture for overseas colleges, universities, research institutions, and enterprises. It includes over 15 million English abstracts from first-class journals, proceedings, doctoral dissertations, and masters’ theses, and 2 million full-text articles. It allows cross-database search in these articles, English books, yearbooks, and reference books.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Chinese Dictionary & Kangxi Dictionary 汉语大词典和康熙字典
Full texts of Chinese Dictionary and Kangxi Dictionary.
Available Until: 6/30/2020

China Academic Journals Database 中国期刊全文数据库
Journal Full texts of 8,000+ Chinese academic journals.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Monographic Serials Database 中国学术辑刊全文数据库
Full texts of proceedings published irregularly by Chinese academic institutions.
Available Until: 7/31/2020


iRead eBooks華藝中文電子書
Full texts of academic eBooks published by nearly 300 Taiwan publishers in humanities, social sciences, and business management.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Century Journals Project 世纪期刊
Full texts of 4,100 most cited journals in the past five years
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Selected Popular Science Journals Database 中国精品科普期刊文献库
Full text of selected Popular Science Journals. At present, there are more than 180 popular science journals and nearly 1.5 million documents.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


CNKI Journal Translation Project 中国精品学术期刊双语出版数据库
Full texts of English translation of selected academic journals in social sciences and natural science.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Academic Focus 中国英文学术出版物全文数据库
Full texts of English academic journals published in China and English translation of top Chinese academic journals and proceedings of international conferences held in China.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


CNKI eBooks(Intl) CNKI电子图书库(海外版
Full texts of 10,000+ books published from 1905 to 2019.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Doctoral Dissertations Database 中国博士学位论文全文数据库
The most comprehensive doctoral dissertations full-text database in China.
Available Until: 7/31/2020


China Masters’ Theses Database 中国优秀硕士学位论文全文数据库
The most comprehensive masters’ theses full-text database in China.
Available Until: 7/31/2020


China Proceedings of  Conference Database 中国重要会议论文全文数据库
Full texts of proceedings of Chinese and international conferences
Available Until: 7/31/2020


International Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database 国际会议论文全文数据库
Important proceedings of international conferences.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Scholars Database 学者库 Scholars
“China Scholars Database” is an information service product with scholars as nodes. The database mainly contains scholars and related information of CNKI source database literature. By describing scholars’ basic personal information (units, titles, subject areas, personal profiles, etc.) and their academic information, academic relationship networks, etc., it provides service information for individuals, units, and enterprises looking for experts and scholars. At the same time, it also provides scholars with rich and complete academic homepages.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Chinese citation Database 中国引文数据库
A literature citation search database. At present, the database has 460 million citation data, which is expanding at a rate of 40 million per year
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Books Citation Statistics and Analysis 中国图书引证统计分析数据库
“Books Citation Statistics and Analysis” database released the citation frequency of books published in mainland China since 1949. Up to now, the database has collected a total of 5.36 million books, and the total citations of the cited books are 58.65 million times. This database is updated monthly so that users can keep abreast of changes in the frequency of book citations.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


International and Domestic Influence of Chinese Academic Journals Statistics and Analysis Database 中国学术期刊国际国内影响力统计分析数据库
This database publishes international and domestic evaluation indicators of nearly 6,000 academic journals officially published in China, including 4 Reports, “Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors”, “Annual Report for International Citation of Chinese Academic Journals”, “Journal Influence Statistical and Analysis Database”, “Statistical Report for Journal Network Dissemination”.
Available Until: 6/30/2020

China Legal Knowledge Integrated Database 中国法律知识资源总库/中国法律数字图书馆
Full texts of Chinese laws and regulations, papers and documents, typical cases and other legal information resources.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Pishu Database 皮书数据库
Full texts of analytical reports on current national and international policy issues.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Rural China Database 中国乡村研究数据库
Statistics, reports.  Data and information on farmers, villages and agriculture, rural-urban relations and minority regions.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Countries, Regions and Global Governance 国别区域与全球治理数据平台
Partial Access to various types of materials on regional and global governance of 196 countries
Available Until:6/30/2020


News, data, statistics and information on Chinese economics, finance, industry, government, laws and regulations, and foreign trade, etc.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Data and statistics on economy, society and development in Greater China Area, particularly mainland China at national and local level, covering over 50 industries.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Government Gazettes Database 中国政报公报期刊文献总库
Full texts of China Government Gazettes.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Statistical Yearbooks Database 中国经济社会大数据研究平台
Full texts of 2,306 types of statistical yearbooks.
Available Until: 7/31/2020


China Data Insights 中国英文版统计年鉴
Full texts of 1,096 statistical yearbooks, in English language.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


National Population Census Database 中国人口普查数据库
Census Census data of 152 titles and 329 volumes published  by China Statistics Press
Available Until: 6/30/2020


China Yearbooks Database 中国年鉴网络出版总库
Largest and continuously updated yearbooks full-text database in China.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


The Chinese Communist Party Building Journal Database 中国党建期刊文献总库
Database covers the theory of Party building, policy, dynamic information, party history research, leadership science, management science and other aspects of governance experience and Party building work. Contains all kinds of Party and government organs and people concerned about Party construction and Democratic Party work.
Available Until: 6/30/2020

Dacheng 大成故纸堆 [via Superstar]
Full texts of 7,000+ periodicals and 30,000+ Republican Period books, 100,000+ photos, etc.
Available until: 6/30/2020


Shanghai Library
The following are available through July 12, 2020.

Chinese Periodical of Modern China – Literature Collection 中国近代中文期刊全文数据库-文学专题 1872-1949
The Late Qing Full-text Database 晚清期刊全文数据库 1833-1911
Chinese Periodical Full-text Database 中文期刊全文数据库 1911-1949
Chinese Serial Full-text Database 《遐迩贯珍》 1853-1856
Dian-shi-zhai Pictorial Full-text Database 《点石斋画报》1884-1898
The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists 《字林洋行》1850-1951
Sin Wan Pao (newspaper)《新闻报》1893-1949
The Eastern Times 《时报》1904-1939
The China Press 《大陆报》1911-1949
The Tabloids《小报》1897-1949
The Shanghai Evening Post & Mercury 《大美晚报》1929-1949, in English language.
The Shanghai Evening Courier《上海晚邮》1869-1874     , in English language
Shanghai Courier & China Gazette 《中华快报》1876-1878
Shanghai Courier 《上海差报》1876-1878, in English language.
The Republican Daily《民国日报》1916-1949
Yi Shih Pao (newspaper)《益世报》1915-1949
Ta Kung Pao (newspaper)《大公报》1902-1949/1952


Chinese Historical Local Archives Database 中国地方历史文献数据库
Archival documents at local level in multiple categories, such as contracts, account books, administration, litigation, letters, daily books, family etiquettes, religion, genealogy, and examination.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


PRC National History Database 中华人民共和国国史数据库
Books, reports, images On Chinese national history, 1921 to 1980s.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


CPC History Database 中国共产党党史经典文献数据库
Primary documents. A collection of CPC representative policy papers,  reports, treatises and documents, 1921 to 1966.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


CPC Newspaper Archive 红色报刊档案数据库
Full texts of Chinese communist serials, 1921-1949, in a total of over 200,000 articles
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Jinshi Examination Database 历代进士登科数据库
Biographical information of over 100,000 Jinshi degree holders from Sui to Qing Dynasty.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Chinese Classic Ancient Books Database 中华经典古籍库
Full texts of 600+ titles of ancient books, in tens of thousands of volumes, annotated and punctuated.
Available Until:  6/30/2020


The Eastern Miscellany
The Eastern Miscellany  is known as the first journal of the Republican Period. It Includes more than 30,000 articles, more than 12,000 pictures, more than 14,000 advertisements and more than 100 million words.
Available Until:  6/30/2020


Chinese Recorder Database教務雜誌
Full texts of the title (1868-1941), in English language.
Available Until:  6/30/2020


Han Cloud Research Platform漢雲平台
Offer data text mining tools for ancient Chinese texts.
Available Until:  6/30/2020


 China Historical Biography Resources
Biographical materials of nearly one million historical figures
Available Until:  6/30/2020

NOTE: China Historal Biography Resources access is by PASSWORD only, not VPN.  Limited to 15 simultaneous users throughout the UC system.



Acu-Moxi Online 中国针灸在线
A practical traditional Chinese acupuncture and moxibustion database for overseas researchers, clinicians and other related persons in traditional Chinese medicine institutions. It collects 200,000 articles from journals, 15,000 doctoral dissertations & master’s theses, and over 15,000 conference articles. It also includes 22 series of videos (more than 400 fragments).
 Available Until: 6/30/2020


Traditional Chinese Medicine Video 中医视频在线
TCM Video aims to provide high-definition digital videos service platform for researchers, clinicians, Chinese medicine practitioners who work in clinics, universities, associations, clinics and institutions. It contains 1701 video clips in total.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Chinese Hospital knowledge Database 中国医院知识仓库
Full-text database and secondary literature database that integrates and disseminates all kinds of literature resources such as journals, doctoral and master’s degree papers, conference papers, newspapers, yearbooks, standards, patents, achievements, etc. in China on a large scale, as well as a knowledge meta-database generated by literature content mining. Up to now, there are more than 54 million documents.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Hospital Citation Statistics and Analysis 医院科研产出统计分析与评价数据库
“The database counts the research output and academic influence of 11,875 hospitals (including 1,679 tertiary hospitals, 6,345 secondary hospitals, and 3,851 other hospitals) and 2.2 million scholars in the country over the past 14 years.
Available Until: 6/30/2020


Traditional Chinese Medicine Knowledge Service Platform 中医药系列知识服务平台
The platform has four special libraries of Anti-cancer, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology and Hypertension and three knowledge databases of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Disease Diagnosis & Treatment, and TCM prescription, as well as macro-Chinese knowledge to help users understand Chinese medicine more comprehensively in a more targeted way. It also has abundant resources: back files to 1927, 8 million articles of 11 resources types such as journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, newspapers, reference works, etc. with annual updates of over 200,000 literature.
Available Until: 6/30/2020