by Matthew Conner — August 11, 2021
by Matthew Conner — August 11, 2021

EndNote Find Full-Text Feature

by Matthew Conner – August 11, 2021

Explains how to add full-text copies of documents to your library.

Matthew Conner

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Student Services Librarian


EndNote has the capability to import citations into its library.  “Find Full-Text” is an additional feature that will attempt to import the full-text of the document into the document record as well.  To maximize this feature, go to the preferences section of EndNote at Edit>Preferences, and follow these steps.

  1. In the window that appears, go to the index on the left and select Find-Full Text.
  2. Check the top four boxes on the right side for the various resources.
  3. In the box labelled Open URL Path, copy the following url:
  4. Check the box at the bottom of the right portion of the window that says Automatically invoke Find-Full Text…

Please note:

  1. The Find Full-Text feature will NOT retrieve full-text for every citation.  It will just retrieve the full-text currently available to EndNote.
  2. If you do NOT check the box to automatically invoke Find Full-Text in the preferences, you will need to activate the full-text feature individually for each reference imported using the command:  References>Find Full-Text>Find Full-Text.