FYS Global Tea Culture and Science

by Erik Davis Fausak – April 29, 2021

Greetings, this guide is designed to help you utilize library resources to answer your weekly responses.

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Erik Fausak

Student Services
Student Services Librarian



In this Guide:

There are a few approaches you can take to identify reasonable reliable information:


First, the CRAAP test is a good approach to evaluation:


2nd, look at a number of sources and note if they corroborate or agree with each other.


3rd, draw from more reliable sources like a peer-reviewed or refereed journal or text book.

What is peer review?  Peer review is where specialists look at the work of the submitting author (who is also a specialist) and essentially vets or referees the work by making suggestions for improvement and deciding, ultimately, if an article should be published.

How do I know if a journal is peer reviewed?  Often the publisher website will identify if a journal is peer reviewed, but Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory is another tool that allows you to find the journal and if it has a referee shirt, it is peer reviewed.


Medline Plus

A reliable accumulation of resources created by the government to explain diseases and drugs to lay audiences.