by Timothy Silva – September 22, 2021

Users may print from any library workstation or the wireless network.

In this Guide:

  1. Send print job:
    • Click on the Print Icon
    • On File menu, click Print
    • OR Ctrl+P (PC) or Command+P (Mac)
  2. Select printer: options
    • Library Black and White
    • Library Color
  3. Select the PRINT or OK button
  4. Equitrac Express Print Assistant window opens – Enter either ID number:

  5. Equitrac Express (continued) Print Assistant window:
    • Leave the Password field blank, select OK:
  6.  Cost Preview Print Assistant window reopens:
  7. Go to the nearest copier/printer and swipe your Repro Graphics or Student ID Card with the black magnetic stripe up.
  1. Go to
  2. Click the PRINT button located under the “Online Printing” heading.
  3. Enter the card ID number that is located on the print card (or your student ID number or departmental copy card number) as prompted
  4. Select the “Library Black & White” or “Library Color” printer option in campus libraries.
  5. Click on Details to view paper size and price.
  6. Select your document and options:
    • Document from your laptop or computer – browse to locate document
    • Web Page – type in the url
    • Select the number of copies
    • Page range
    • Press Continue
  7. Check print options for paper size, duplex and orientation
  8. Continue to submit job
  9. Job begins approval. Once it is approved, the total cost of the job will display. Click Submit Job to Printer or Cancel. Note the Job ID number to retrieve the job.
  10. Go to any multifunction printer and print using your copy card.
  11. Click the Log Out button toward the bottom of the screen to go back to the Wireless Printing homepage.
  12. The print job will be held overnight in the print queue and then will be deleted.

Advanced Windows Printing allows for a print job to be sent using the “File > Print” command. Windows users can print directly from their computer if they install the Advanced Windows Printing Print Driver, following these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the hyperlinked text “More about Windows print drivers,” located under the Advanced Windows Printing heading.
  3. Now click the hyperlinked word “downloaded” to begin the driver installation process. It will automatically launch, and ask to open or save the PWhere.exe file.
  4. Save it to your desktop for easy retrieval.
  5. Once saved, double click the file. You will then go through an installation wizard. You need to agree to the License Agreement.
  6. Installation will begin. Once complete, it will put the Choose a Printer 3.6 onto the desktop.
  7. Double click on Choose a Printer 3.6. In the Keywords search box, type in “ucdavis” and click Search. This will give you the various printers available for wireless printing.
  8. Choose “Library Black and White” or “Library Color” and click OK.
  9. Then it will connect, and ask you to Select. After adding your selection, it may ask if you will allow the program to make the change to your computer. Say Yes.
  10. Then, from the document you want to print, go to File > Print. When the print dialog box appears, drop-down the printer list next to the heading Name. Select the PrintWhere 3.6 option. Click on Printer Properties if you have added multiple printers to your computer, so you can choose the one you want to use.
  11. After sending the print job, go to a printer and print as usual using your copy card.

In some cases, certain content cannot be printed using the instructions above. However, the following tips may allow for printing of these items:

  • To print a webpage protected by a log-in, save the page as an html file on your computer.
  • To print an email message or email attachment save it as a file on your computer. Then select the file using the Browse button.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Library workstations do not support downloading files to the hard drive.

Printing may also be available via the Campus Printing website.

Still not working? Contact for assistance.