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by Bonnie Hain-Anderson — March 27, 2017
by Bonnie Hain-Anderson — March 27, 2017

Users may print from any library workstation.

In this Guide:

  1. Send your document to a printer
  2. Enter the card ID number that is located on the print card (or your student ID number or departmental copy card number) as prompted; no password needed
  3. Select the “ucdavis-black” printer option for black & white printing in campus libraries.
  4. Check print options for paper size, duplex and orientation
  5. Continue to submit job
  6. Job begins approval. Once it is approved, the total cost of the job will display. Click Submit Job to Printer or Cancel. Note the Job ID number to retrieve the job
  7. Go to any multifunction printer and print using your copy card.
  8. Swipe Repro Graphics card through the card reader. Your list of print jobs will automatically appear by URL address or print job name, entered by you.
  9. Select the jobs you would like to release (print) at that machine.