Health Sciences Libraries Favorites

This guide provides links to popular health sciences databases, key subject guides, research help, and library services.

There are two UC Davis Health Sciences Libraries:
Carlson Health Sciences Library in Davis
Blaisdell Medical Library in Sacramento

In this Guide:

For expert advice on designing search strategies and publication data management, contact a health sciences librarian.

Nicole Capdarest-Arest
Head of Blaisdell Medical Library


Bruce Abbott
Health Sciences Librarian


Blaisdell Medical Library

Amy Studer
Health Sciences Librarian


Blaisdell Medical Library

Carlson Health Sciences Library Reference

Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Biomedical Sciences


Med Sciences 1B

Deanna Johnson
Subject Specialist Librarian


Shields Library

Matthew Conner
Student Services Librarian


Shields Library, Carlson Health Sciences Library

Erik Fausak
Student Services Librarian

Veterinary Medicine


Carlson Health Sciences Library

Megan G. Van Noord
Researcher Services Librarian

Health Sciences

Carlson Health Sciences Library

Christy Navarro
Health Library Informaticist


Blaisdell Medical Library

The UC Davis Library publishes this biannual newsletter for faculty and researchers in Spring and Fall. In it, we will share information about the library’s long-range plans, as well as other important updates and resources.

Coronavirus Special Issue for the Health Sciences (Spring 2020)

In this Issue:

  Online course materials and remote support
Journal access: Online content in the crisis
  How to access books
More tools and resources