by Sheena M Campbell — November 15, 2021
by Sheena M Campbell — November 15, 2021

LibAnswers & LibChat

by Sheena M Campbell – November 15, 2021

This guide includes information to help you get orientated to LibAnswers & LibChat.

Sheena Campbell

Student Services Department
Student Services Librarian


In this Guide:

  1. Go to UC Davis LibAnswers:
  2. Login to LibApps

Contact Sheena if you need a LibApps account.

To practice with chat, you’ll need to coordinate with another chatter to log in at the same time.

1. To launch chat, Sign In or Libchat > Connect


2. You Local Monitoring should be Online (Student Services). From your chat Settings > Co-op Monitoring > University of California Cooperative: Online (we do not need to monitor the Academic Global Cooperative for our shifts)

3. Open the Chats tab to begin answering chats.


– You can use CTRL F to search a library’s FAQ (Policy page)

– To create a Ticket (tag a chat for follow up by the patron’s library), from the menu options above the chat box, either select the ticket icon OR hit the ‘End Chat’ button and click ‘Create a Ticket from this Chat’ link

-For Screensharing, see How to Share You Screen During a Chat and Help with Joining a Screensharing Session

4. Make sure you change your Status to Offline at the end of your shift.

NOTE: Users can start a chat through the widgets on the library homepage, our Help page, WorldCat, or Proquest and EBSCO databases (results pages). See the in-page widget (right) and the database widget (left) below.


We have one ticket queue for UC Davis. This is where chats tagged for follow up and questions submitted through our question form are routed (it is similar to the Question List: New that we monitored for Follow Up by Patron Library questions in QuestionPoint). If you want to practice, you can create a ticket manually Answers > Create.

Lee will be monitoring our ticket queue – thank you Lee!


Entering Reference Stats for your LibAnswers Ticket responses

All reference consultations responding to a LibAnswers Ticket should be entered into the Research Consultations Metrics form as an email interaction, regardless of whether you answer the Ticket within the LibAnswers platform or contact the patron directly.

Make sure to select “Email” under the “Virtual” interaction options.