[MVMS]-Many Voices, Many Stories

by MVMS, Belen Fernandez, Celina Ivy, Melinda M. Livas, Beth Callahan – April 4, 2022

[MVMS]-Many Voices, Many Stories-Charge

This group was formed to highlight and recommend resources, e.g., documentaries, and reading materials, that offer insights for facilitating and sustaining a positive, inclusive, and  a diversified library community.


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In this Guide:

ASERL- [Association of Southeastern Research Libraries] Webinar- One is the Loneliest Number-DEI Perspective

Three Panelist of Color from different academic institutions, share their DEI Perspectives while working in academic libraries-

Webinar Facilitators:

  • Denelle Eads- University of North Carolina, Charlotte
  • Bridgette Sanders- University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Webinar Panelists:

  • Michael S. Fitts- the University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Melinda Livas- University of California, Davis
  • Fatoma Rad- Long Island- Part of the SUNY System

One is the Loneliest Number-DEI Perspective.

Talking About Race

This website offers rich content about inclusivity, diversity, and race; it is a wonderful resource.

Curated List of Ted Talk Videos about Racism

This is not an exhaustive list and is a small representation of the myriad of DEI [Diversity, Equity, Inclusion] resources available.

Our goal is to reinforce our commitment to the Principles Community.

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Can We Talk? | Kenston Henderson Sr. [11:42]Three Myths about Racism. | Candis Watts Smith [10:24]The Racial Politics of Time.. | Brittney Cooper [12:30]The Cure for Racism. | Napoleon Wells [18:20]
How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time. | Baratunde Thurston [16:52]We all Have Implicit Bias. So What can we do about it?| Dushaw Hockett [12:01]Understanding Structural Racism | Luiza Lodder [17:51]Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable | Luvvie Ajayi [10:55]
Five Times My Skin Color Did Not Kill Me | Jared Paul [9:37]My descent into America's neo-Nazi movement & how I got out, | Christian Picciolini [20:31]The Symbols of Systemic Racism- and How to Take Away Their Power | Paul Rucker [7:02]How Racism Makes us Sick.| David. R. Williams
Why I, As a Black Man, attend KKK rallies. | Daryl Davis [18:53]50 Years of Racism-- Why Silence isn't the Answer | James A. White Sr. [14:41]What I Am Learning from My White Grandchildren--Truths about Race | Anthony Peterson [18:57]Systemic Racism: Australia's Great White Silence. | Jonathan Sri [15:30]
I'm Tired of Talking about Race | Jasmine Roberts [10:53]Lessons from a Recovering Racist. | Andrew Judd [17:36]No. You Cannot Touch My Hair!| Mena Fombo [16:04]Dr. Robin DiAngelo discusses "White Fragility" [1:23:31]
Black Panthers White Lies. | Curtis Austin [13:27]The Trauma of Systematic Racism is Killing Black Women. A first step toward change...| [15:33]Let's Get to the Root of Racial Injustice.| Megan Ming Francis [19:38]The Science of Inclusion. | Quinetta Roberson at TEDxVillanovaU. [10:10]
Practical Diversity: Taking Inclusion from Theory to Practice. | Dawn Bennet-Alexander | TEDxUGA [16:53]