Maps, Mapping, and GIS

by Michele Tobias, David Michalski – March 12, 2021

The UC Davis Library provides resources and services for those studying and applying spatial information. These include physical map collections, GIS resources and tools and services, and a vast array of geographic and cartographic material across the UC Davis Library. 



Michele Tobias

Geospatial Data Specialist

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In this Guide:

The UC Davis Library Map Collection is an extensive research-level collection of maps, both print and electronic, and a supporting collection of guides, gazetteers and atlases. It supports a variety of disciplines including agronomy, botany, history, economics, and environmental studies. The collection emphasizes the Central California Valley area and maps of local importance. The collection also contains many topographic maps and maps of agriculture and agricultural-related subjects from areas with similar climate and growing types to those of the Central Valley. Digital geospatial data are collected with an emphasis on the Central Valley, California and areas related to current and anticipated University research and instruction needs, with an emphasis on data that may be made freely available to the University community.The Map collection emphasizes the Central California Valley (Sacramento and San Joaquin River Valleys) in all scales, formats, and subjects. The collection also emphasizes maps (especially for agricultural-related subjects) of areas with a similar agro-climate to the Central Valley (i.e., Mediterranean) and for major viticulture and wine producing regions. Maps of other regions of the world are available at a smaller scale and on more limited subjects. (e.g., topography, roads).