Nutrition 11 Library Resources

by Matthew Conner, Melissa Browne – February 23, 2018

Welcome! This guide includes search tips and tools to help you identify sources for your Nutrition in the News (NitN) assignments.

Matthew Conner

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In this Guide:

Keep these points in mind as you start your NitN assignment:

1. Leverage different search tools to find your sources:

SourceResearch Tools
Newspaper Articles
Google News
New York Times
Los Angeles Times
BBC News
Scholarly Articles:
- Original Research
- Review
Database(s) e.g. PubMed

2. Make sure your news article includes a nutritional factor and a health outcome:

A. Nutritional Factor: e.g. red meat, alcohol

B. Health Outcome: e.g. cancer, cardiovascular health


Use our databases to search for citations to a review article and an original research article:

If you are off campus, make sure you download and use the VPN

The premier database for research in the field of Nutrition.

PubMed: The Filters Sidebar [2:02]

PubMed Advanced Search Builder [2:27]

Covers topics relating to every aspect of the food chain, including food science, food  technology, food safety and nutrition.

This scholarly collection offers coverage of information in many areas of academic   study.

Multi-disciplinary science database.

Source of traditional news articles.

Tips for Searching PubMedReview Articles, Research Articles...What's the Difference?
1. PubMed results are sorted by Date Added (most recent first), not relevance rank!

2. Use the Advanced Search and the Filters to focus your search:
- To find original research articles, include the term epidemiology in your search, or use the Filter Article Types:
√ Clinical Trial
√ Randomized Controlled Trial

3. Click an article title for additional details, including the Abstract and Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

4. If you don't see the full article, use UCD-eLinks to link to the pdf or find a copy in the library