by Leyla R Cabugos — April 12, 2018
by Leyla R Cabugos — April 12, 2018

Critical Thinking and Fake News Course Guide

by Leyla R Cabugos – April 12, 2018

Welcome to the Library Course Guide for your seminar on critical thinking and fake news!

In this session, we will explore skills, tactics, and knowledge that will help you find, select, and assess the reliability of information resources.


Leyla Cabugos

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Researcher Services Librarian


In this Guide:

Activity 1: With a partner, or on your own, use any means to answer this question: which of the following positions on bullying is more authoritative? (5 mins)

(This activity is an adaptation of an experiment conducted by Wineburg & McGrew, 2017)

Activity 2: Evaluate the quality of a Wikipedia article of your choice using Wikipedia’s Good Article Criteria (10 min).


“authoritative, adj.” OED Online. Oxford University Press, January 2018.

Wineburg, S., & McGrew, S. (2017). Lateral Reading: Reading Less and Learning More When Evaluating Digital Information No. 2017-A1

The library provides access to several collections of news articles from authoritative sources.

Lexis Nexis

One of the largest web-based full-text databases for current news, business and legal information, supporting a broad range of interdisciplinary research, LexisNexis Academic provides full-text access to nearly 6,000 individual titles. Includes a wide range of U.S. and foreign newspapers, plus transcripts of television and radio news programs. Business resources include business articles, accounting literature, company financial information. Legal resources include state and federal laws and regulations, a full range of case law, and law review articles.


Factiva provides access to global news and business information, including local newspapers, same-day newswires, company reports, and media programs. Provides company information including market data and competitors. Coverage in more than 20 languages.

The Newspapers and Current Events Subject Guide lists collections of news on specific themes.