LIB 76: Puzzled by the New PubMed class (Summer 2020)

by Ruth Gustafson – June 16, 2020

On May 19th, 2020, PubMed was switched to a new interface which had been under design for more than a year. This has taken many by surprise and even Science magazine noted the following: “They redesigned PubMed: it hasn’t gone over well”

This Zoom session will give an overview of the new Pubmed, what the new features are, how old features may have changed, and where you can find your favorite tools and resources you’ve always used in the “legacy” PubMed. Attendees will need to register to receive a quick survey on what questions you may have about the new PubMed and to receive the Zoom link for the class session.

Offered weekly in June and July, then bi-weekly in August and September 2020.

Ruth Gustafson

Student Services
Student Services and Researcher Services Librarian


In this Guide:

The following webpage collates several resources about the New PubMed

PubMed Online Training @

One of the best and most extensive resources on the new PubMed is from the University of Washington Health Sciences Library:

If you wish to let NLM (National Library of Medicine) know about things that need improving or have gone missing since the switch to the New PubMed, feel free to provide feedback here:

NLM Feedback Form: comments & requesting changes to new PubMed