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by David Michalski — November 13, 2017
by David Michalski — November 13, 2017

This guide is a starting point for finding commonly requested data series from California government agencies and related resources.

David Michalski

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In this Guide:

Data and statistical reports on California population, demography, finance and economics. See the Demograhy section for data on population.

The State of California’s Employment Development Department offers a link to InfoUSA’s employer directory for the state as part of its Data Library. This database can be searched by keyword, NAICS code, county, or industry.

Tags: Business, Labor

Includes links to numeric and geographic data covering a variety of topics including demography, health statistics, state contracts, traffic records. Statistics and data sets are available from state agencies and links are provided to other data sources – local, federal and other sources.

Rand State Statistics (also known as Rand California) focuses on California and U.S. state level statistics. Various subjects are covered – population & demographics, health & health care, employment, etc. More than 200 databases covering all 50 states are included.

Tags: Government

The Statewide Database (SWDB) is the redistricting database for the state of California. In 2001, these data were used for state legislative and local redistrictings following the 2000 Census as mandated by law. Data collection and processing for the redistricting are ongoing tasks conducted over a ten year period of time, starting with the collection of the census at the beginning of each decade. With each election between redistrictings, updated data sets are available as a free, public resource as soon they are processed.