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by Melissa Browne – February 2, 2022

Melissa Browne

Student Services Librarian



In this Guide:

Welcome! Use the resources on this guide to find information for your Annotated Bibliographies and Literature Reviews.

For a comprehensive listing of search tools, visit the UC Davis Library website.

Please see Coronavirus: Library Resources and Services for more information about using the library.

If you are doing your research from off-campus, follow the instructions to set up the library’s VPN (virtual private network), Pulse Secure, so you can access journal articles, books and book chapters.

  • Login to Pulse Secure with your UC Davis Kerberos ID and Duo two-factor authentication
  • Check your Connection by accessing this article from the journal Computers in Human Behavior, about email communication strategies and team dynamics

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Consider these questions as you begin your research:

1. Topic: What do you already know? What do you want to investigate?

  • It’s All About the Questions
    • How does this description of information research compare with your own experience?
  • Narrow the G_A_P to move from Topic to Research Question:
    • Geography, i.e. location or setting – Where?
    • Aspect/Angle – What?
    • Population – Who?

    TOPIC: Food insecurity

    PRELIMINARY RESEARCH QUESTION: What is the relationship between the presence of food pantries (A) on college campuses (G) and food insecurity among students (P)?

2. Sources: What types of information would inform your thinking?

Types of Sources: Description: Research Tool:
Books, E-books & Book Chapters Comprehensive, good for overviews. May not include very recent developments. UC Davis Library Catalog
Magazine and News Articles Helpful for current perspectives. Written for general audiences, typically don’t include lengthy analysis. Databases (via Subject Guides)

Scholarly Journal Articles Report research findings. Include detailed analysis and assume expertise in the discipline. Databases (via Subject Guides)
Reputable Websites, Videos Highly variable! Commercial Search Engines, e.g. Google, DuckDuckGo, YouTube


Egghead: About Research at UC Davis

This blog highlights research projects and findings from UC Davis researchers.

UC Davis Department of Design

Browse news about faculty research, student projects and alumni profiles to identify topics of interest.

New York Times

Look for compelling topics among the articles in the Art and Design, Science, Technology or Health sections. Note: Activate your UC Davis account by going to AccessNYT.com entering “University of California, Davis” and following the instructions.


Highlights news and recent research in a variety of disciplines, including animals and the environment, health, technology and business and industry.

Knowable Magazine

Browse journalistic reports from a variety of fields, based on scholarly articles published in Annual Reviews journals.


Access World News

Use this database to search for news articles from thousands of sources from around the U.S. and the world. For additional database options, see Newspapers and Current Events.

MasterFILE Premier

Search for articles published in thousands of reputable magazines. For additional database options, see Popular Magazines.

The Atlantic: Essential Coronavirus Coverage

Browse magazine articles about different aspects of the pandemic. Note: The UC Davis Library has fulltext access to content from The Atlantic through several databases, including MasterFILE Premier.

The Economist: Coverage of the Coronavirus

See the instructions to set up your account and access news articles from The Economist.

Use the UC DAVIS LIBRARY CATALOG to search for ebooks, books and book chapters.

  •      Keywords (Any Field)
  •      Subject

See also: Art & Architecture ePortal, CAB eBooks, Health Sciences eBooks, ScienceDirect eBooks, Springer eBooks, Taylor & Francis eBooks


  • Make sure you are logged into the library’s VPN to access ebooks
  • If a book is not available online, note the call number, e.g. LC212.52 .H45 2016 and consult a Library Map to determine its location. To check out a book, go to the Circulation Desk (Shields Library 1st floor)
  • Use the “sign in” option within the Library Catalog and enter your UC Davis Login details to see details about loan periods and requesting titles

Cite Your Sources (resources on how to cite in MLA, APA, CSE and other styles)

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