UWP 1: Field Observation Report (Walsh)

by Melissa Browne – August 11, 2021


This guide is designed to help you find artifacts for your Discourse Community: Field Observation Report. For a comprehensive listing of search tools, visit the UC Davis Library website.

Melissa Browne

Student Services Librarian



In this Guide:

To search from off campus, make sure you download, install and configure the library’s VPN, Pulse Secure.

Windows 7/8/10 (2:12):                              Mac OS (2:07):


See also: VPN app for mobile devices installation instructions

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Search the UC Davis website to find information about your major, your professors and the academic departments on campus.

1. Identify your Major 

2. Check out the Academic Department for your Major

Example: Communication

  • Look through information for Undergraduates:

screenshot of Communication Department homepage

3. Locate the Academic Department’s People Page

  • Look for Faculty, Lecturers or Instructors:

Screenshot of Communication faculty

4. Find Publications Written by UC Davis Faculty

  • Browse the Faculty pages to learn about your professors’ research interests and their publications:Communication faculty page example - selected publications
  • To access a faculty publication to use as an artifact:
    • If the publication is hyperlinked, launch the link (make sure you are logged into the library’s VPN!)
    • If the publication is not hyperlinked, search for the title in the library’s Catalog + Articles Search Tool
    • If you are not able to find a publication, ask a librarian for suggestions