UWP104D: Writing in Elementary and Secondary Education

by Melissa Browne – August 11, 2021

This guide is designed to help you identify sources for your Proposal for Policy Change in Education assignment. 

For a comprehensive listing of scholarly search tools, visit the UC Davis Library website.

Melissa Browne

Student Services Librarian



In this Guide:

Think through these questions as you begin your assignment:

1. Policy/Question: What do you already know? What do you need to investigate?

2. Sources: Which types of primary and secondary sources might be helpful to find and read?

Types of Sources: Research Tool:
School District Policies Gamut Online (Davis)
Gamut Online (Sacramento)
Find another district: California School Directory
UC Davis Administrative Policies
Additional School & District Details School Accountability Report Card
California School Dashboard
State Standards and Frameworks Content Standards
Curriculum Frameworks
Books Library Catalog
Journal, Magazine, Newspaper Articles Databases – Subject Guides
Websites (e.g. government reports, statistics) Commercial Search Engine(s)


3. Search/Analyze: What has been published in credible sources?

4. Refine/Expand: Revision is part of the research process! If you are finding too much, consider narrowing the G_A_P:

  • Geography
  • Aspect
  • Population

Broad question: What’s the impact of technology in the classroom?

More focused question: How does using a tablet/iPad (A) impact the reading comprehension (A) of students (P) in elementary schools (G)?

Use the UC Davis Library Catalog to search collections available in/through the Library.

By KEYWORDS (Any Field):

    • “best practices” AND math* AND (pedagog* OR teaching)
    • “class size”
    • “gifted education”
    • “institutional racism” AND (school* OR education)
    • LGBT* AND (school* OR education)
    • “special education” AND child*

    • Ability grouping in education [use for tracking]
    • Arts – Study and teaching
    • Bullying in schools
    • Charter schools – United States
    • Education – United States – Finance [use for school funding]
    • Educational technology or Computer-assisted instruction
    • English language – Study and teaching – Foreign speakers [use for English Language Learners]
    • Mathematics – Study and teaching (Elementary)
    • Mathematics – Study and teaching (Secondary)
    • Multicultural education – United States
    • Problem-based learning [use for project-based learning]
    • School attendance or High school dropouts
    • School gardens [use for gardening programs]
    • Social justice – Study and teaching
    • Teacher effectiveness – United States
    • Vocational education – economic aspects

1. Note the call number for any title you would like to find, e.g. LC212.52 .H45 2016

2. Consult a Library Map to determine the location of the title

3. To check out a book, go to the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of Shields Library.