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Book JacketTitle and Call NumberBook JacketTitle and Call Number
The Animal Ethics ReaderThe Animal Ethics Reader
S. Armstrong & R. G. Botzler (eds.)
Taylor & Francis 2017
Shields Library
HV4708 .A548 2017
Older: Carlson Health Sci Library
HV 4708 A598 2008

Bioethics (4th ed.)
B. Jennings
Macmillan 2014
Animal Rights and Human ObligationsAnimal rights and Human Obligations (2nd ed.)
T. Regan & P. Singer
Prentice Hall 1989
Carlson Health Sci Library
HV4711 A56 1989
Shields Library
HV4711 .A56 1989
Ethics of Animal UseEthics of Animal Use
P. Sandoe & S. Christiansen
Blackwell 2008
Carlson Health Sci Library
HV 4708 S214e 2008
Principles of Biomedical EthicsPrinciples of Biomedical Ethics (7th ed.)
T. L. Beauchamp & J. F. Childress
Oxford 2013
Carlson Health Sci Library
W 50 B36 2013
Shields Library Reserves
W 50 B36 2013
Blaisdell Medical Library
W 50 B36 2013

Veterinary Ethics: Animal welfare, client relations, competition, and collegialityVeterinary Ethics: Animal welfare, client relations, competition, and collegiality (2nd ed.)
J. Tannenbaum
Mosby 1995
Carlson Health Sci Library
SF745 T36 1995
Shields Library
SF756.39 .T36 1995
Exam Room Communication for VeterinariansExam Room Communication for Veterinarians: The science and art of conversing with clients
J. Klingborg
AAHA 2011
Carlson Health Sci Library
SF 610.5 K655e 2011
Handbook of Veterinary Communication SkillsHandbook of Veterinary Communication Skills
C. Gray & J Moffett
Carlson Health Sci Library
SF 610.5 H236 2010

Matters of Life and DeathMatters of Life and Death: New introductory essays in moral philosophy
T. Regan & T. Beauchamp
Random House 1986
Carlson Health Sci Library
BJ 1012 M37 1986
Older: Shields Library
BJ1012 .M37
Molecular Biology of the CellMolecular Biology of the Cell (6th ed)
B. Alberts
Taylor & Francis 2015
Carlson Health Sci Library Reserves
QU 300 M7178 2015
Shields Library
QH581.2 .M64 2015
Blaisdell Medical Library
QU 300 M7178 2015

Harkness and Wagner's Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents (5th ed.)Harkness and Wagner's Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and Rodents (5th ed.)
J. E. Harkness
ACLAM 2010
Carlson Health Sci Library
QY 50 H37 2010
Ferrets, Rabbits and RodentsFerrets, Rabbits, and Rodents Clinical Medicine and Surgery (3rd ed.)
K. Quesenberry & J. W. Carpenter (Eds.)
Elsevier 2012
Carlson Health Sci Library
SF 997.3 F3871 2012

Francione, Gary L. 2004. Animals–Property or Persons? Rutgers Law School (Newark) Faculty Papers Article 21, 47 pages

Kesel, M. Lynne. 2014. Veterinary Ethics In: Jennings B (Ed.), Bioethics, 4th ed., vol. 6. Macmillan Reference. pp. 3137-3143

Mullan S. and Main D. 2001. Principles of ethical decision-making in veterinary practice 

Tannenbaum J. 2013. Veterinary Ethics In: LaFollette H (Ed.), The International Encyclopedia of Ethics. Wiley-Blackwell. pp. 5317-5329

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