In this Guide:

Book JacketTitle and Call NumberBook JacketTitle and Call Number
Miller's Anatomy of the Dog 2013
HE Evans, A Delahunta, & ME Miller
Carlson Lib SF767.D6 M55 2013
Guide to the Dissection of the Dog 2010
HE Evans, A Delahunta
Carlson Lib SF767.D6 E92g 2010
Dyce, Sack, and Wensing's Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy 2018
B Singh
Carlson Lib SF761 D93 2018

The Viscera of the Domestic Mammals (1979)
A Schummer, R Nickel, & WO Sack
Carlson Lib Reserves SF761 S283 1979
Cardiovascular Physiology 2013
JP Achilles & WG Wier
also in print
Blaisdell Lib WG102 B525c 2013
Biochemistry 2015
JM Berg, JL Tymoczko, & L Stryer
Carlson Lib Reserves
QU4 B425 2015
Textbook of Biochemistry 2011
TM Devlin
Carlson Lib Reserves QU4 T4 2011
Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry 2017
DL Nelson & MM Cox
Carlson Lib Reserves QU4 L523p 2017
Histology and Cell Biology: an introduction to pathology 2016
AL Kierszenbaum & LL Tres
Carlson Lib reserves QZ4 K47h 2016
Molecular Biology of the CellMolecular Biology of the Cell 2015
B Alberts, A Johnson, J Lewis, M Raff, K Roberts, & P Walter
Carlson Lib Reserves QU300 M7178 2015
Shields Lib QH581.2 .M64 2015
Blaisdell Lib QU 300 M7178 2015
Basic Immunology: functions and disorders of the Immune System 2016
AK Abbas, AH Lichtman, S Pillai, DL Baker, A Baker
also in print
Carlson Lib QW504 A122b 2016
Janeway's Immunobiology 2017
Carlson Lib Reserves QW504 I32451 2017
Kuby Immunology 2013
JA Owen, J Punt, SA Stranford, PP Jones & J Kuby
Carlson Lib QW504 I363613 2013
Rubin's Pathology: Clinicopathologic foundations of medicine 2015
Carlson Lib QZ4 R896 2015
Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease 2015
V Kumar, AK Abbas & JC Aster
also in print
Carlson Lib Reserves QZ4 R6354 2015
Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease 2017
JF Zachary
Carlson Lib Reserves SF769 T47 2017
Goodman & Gilman's: The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics 2018
LL Brunton, R Hilal-Dandan, BC Knollmann
also in print (older ed.)
Carlson Lib QV4 G65 2006
Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2012
DM Boothe
Carlson Lib Reserves SF915 B66 2012
Medical mathematics and dosage calculations for veterinary professionals 2009
R Bill
Carlson Lib SF917 B55 2009
Calculations for the Veterinary Professional 2001
VC McConnell & BW Ritchie
Carlson Lib SF919 M33 2001
Critical Reading: making sense of research papers in life sciences and medicine 2006
B Yudkin
also in print
Carlson Lib Reserves W20.5 Y94c 2006
Shields Lib R118.6 .Y85 2006

How to Read a Paper: The basics of Evidence-Based Medicine 2014
T Greenhalgh
also in print
Carlson Lib WB102.5 G813h 2014
Studying a Study and Testing a Test: Reading evidence-based health research 2013
RK riegelman
also in print
Carlson Lib WA950 R54 2013
Blaisdell Lib WA950 R54 2013
L Gordis
also in print
Carlson Lib WA105 G661e 2014

Ecosystems and Human Well-Being: health synthesis 2005
C Corvalan, S Hales, & AJ McMichael
also in print
Carlson Lib WA30 E3 2005
Disease in Wild Animals: Investigation and management 2007GA Wobeser
also in print
Carlson Lib SF996.4 W63 2007
Shields Lib SF996.4 .W63 2007